Sunday, February 26, 2012

To Zach on his 4th birthday...

Here is a picture of my baby taken today on his new bike, with his new helmet. Its a little blurry, but most of his pictures are. That is how he rolls...literally...always in motion, on to the next adventure.
Every year on the boys birthdays I write them a letter reflecting on the past year. Its a tradition I started with Zach, and one I hope they appreciate someday. I want them to know my thoughts on their years, little details I might forget later in the haze of life. I thought I'd share it with you, but unfortunately I can't seem to get my Windows to copy paste into blogger. So here is an excerpt:

There is no one in the world quite like you Zach, and everyday I am blessed to be the one that you call Mom. You bring light wherever you go, and you charm and befriend everyone. I know that you have a compassionate heart, one of the sweetest I have ever known. You are always there to offer a snuggle to Mom or Dad, or a "huggie" to Mattie. You love to be loved and you say it often to those that adore you, show it always, and share it completely. Even though you are just turning four, I rarely if ever see you act unkindly towards others, and when you do hurt someone's feelings or by accident, you are always quick to apologize. When I see the kindness within you, I know God's light in this world.

I adore you. It is not a secret that you are a Momma's boy in all the best ways. You and I share stories often, in fact you always tell me what is happening in your life, and I hope you always will. You love to ask questions about how things work, why things are the way they are, in short you love knowledge. You are always seeking answers and are never afraid to ask questions, a quality I hope you hold on to throughout your lifetime. For example, one day you asked me where blood is in our body, and what we need it for. I actually found myself explaining the circulatory system to a three year old. You like to know about things you can see and grasp, but also dare to question abount the unseen and more complex issues as well. That makes me think I have a budding scientist on my hands. Sometimes you say you want to be a doctor, sometimes you say you want to be like daddy and build things(even though he doesn't build), sometimes you say you want to be a daddy when you grow up(in fact you've asked me to take care of your blue blankie till your big, and then give it back for your babies). You say all sorts of wonderful and captivating things, and you are always ready with a joke(Your current favorite is out of a book: What does a Triceratops sit on? Its triceraBOTTOM! - and you laugh that infectious laugh of yours), or crazy names or stories to try to make others laugh. You just love bringing joy, and you have a knack for it my dear.

-end of excerpt

Seriously readers, I think its obvious this I love this marvelous boy and I am so looking forward to sharing another year of his journeys(And of course Mattie's) with you all.

Happy 4th birthday to my blonde haired baby boy! I love you always and forever Z!

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  1. You have me tearing up, Amy!! How is it possible that our first babies are FOUR!!!! It just blows my mind. Z looks so big on his bike! What a sweetie and what a sweet letter for him to read some day. Hope you enjoy your time with him today!!