Monday, January 2, 2012

Its 2012...Well then I better recap X-mas 2011!

Of course I am a week overdue on my Christmas posts. It is typical me, but since this week is destined to be super crazy around here, with the return to work and school, I better post now about Christmas or it will be the end of January before anyone sees the pics. Since I took over 200 pictures in a day, I may have to simplify some of the day's events.

At around 7 am I heard the squeak of my bedroom door opening, and saw Zach coming towards us. I was totally expecting that he wanted to see what Santa brought, but he climbed up into bed with us and asked us to turn on the tv. This little routine, is a weekend treat. It keeps Z content and Mom and Dad get to snooze a bit longer. Both Wayne and I were super excited to see Z's and Matt's reaction, so we asked him what was special about today. He looked at us, and then the lightbulb went off in his head..."Santa came? " We told him we didn't know, so Dad went down to check(ok he really went to get the camcorder ready, turn on the tree, and get the Christmas music on), and Zach and I rushed in and woke Matt up. Zach couldn't get to the stairs fast enough...."He came!" Zach squealed. Matt was still in a semi-coma, but the moment his feet touched the ground he was off and disassembling his stocking...actually it was Z's stocking, but who cares. Here are some pictures of the boys that morning, Mom watching Zach with anticipation open his Hulk toy, the one gift he kept asking for, and Dad doing what Dad's do best on Christmas morning, put together all the new toys:

I know it seems like they are getting along fabulously in these pictures, but there were some wrestling matches over boxes, and fits of who was touching whose gift. All in all, though, once the toys were out, it didn't matter who got what, they both got to play with it all.

And since he kind of got left behind for all of the other festivities. Here are some pics of Lennie enjoying his new toys on Christmas morning, and playing with his boys:

Then we were off to my parents house for our annual Christmas morning brunch. Here the boys were snuggled by Papa:

Entertained by Mario Kart:

Had some pretty cute ladies around them:

Spent quality time with their aunts and uncles:

Ate some great food:

Were super spoiled by Grandma:

And were able to play with some of their favorite people:

And that was all before noon. Then it was home for a nap and off to the next round of parties. But that will have to wait till tomorrow, because nap time is over, and these Christmas gifts need to be played with!

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  1. Looks like Christmas morning was great!!! Reminds me of ours...early risers, brunch and grandmas, and fighting over gifts. Haha! The boys look so cute in their PJs Christmas morning...can't wait to see the rest!