Monday, April 26, 2010

Are you still with me?

Sorry I have been MIA again. I swear I will be better about posting once a few of the balls I am currently juggling in the air get taken out of the equation. There is really nothing new to report on the house front, but on the home front there has been some major progress. (Warning:You may not be able to appreciate the following if you do not have children in your life)

Zach is really getting this potty-training thing down. He is great about not going in his pull-up or undies these days, and he is racking up stickers on his chart like a mad man.(He's on to his 2nd one!) He is even getting better about telling me that he has to go. It's funny how he does it though. Instead of saying "I have to pee" he will say, "I don't want to pee in the car." This is what he said today when we were in the car, and I said..."Ok, hold it honey we are almost home." Believe it or not, he did hold it nearly 5 minutes and made it to the potty on time. I think it is all becoming his new norm, because he isn't asking for rewards when he goes, in fact most of the time I am adding the stickers to the chart and asking him if he wants some Smarties. It is just amazing that he is getting there. Here is a picture of Zach with his potty chart:

I also just have to share that Zach is really starting to adore his brother. He is often found now hugging him, or telling "Matty" "I love you too!" Apparently Matt is speaking to Z these days, but not us.
And I also had to show a picture of my nephew Jack in his 1st stage performance. His Mom included him in her Middle School production, and Jack did an amazing job as a pirate. In my opinion, he stole the show. I have a sneaky suspicion that this will be the 1st of many stage moments in Jack's life.
And as proud as I was of Jack, I think Z was his biggest fan that evening. Here they are backstage and Z seems a little starstruck:

It was a great couple of days on the home front, now if only they would build my house!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

What a happy 5 months...

It certainly has been!

We love you Matty!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Three Beautiful Moments...

My energy is spent, but I hate to think of people checking the blog for days and not seeing anything new. I think its because in a way its humbling to know that anyone wants to read my thoughts and share in our adventures, especially since so many of my readers are not people I know in the "real" world.
So here are a few moments that I think are beautiful:

The tree in my backyard that I dreamed of watching bloom year after year, turns out, this will be the only year I get to enjoy its beauty. It is a small tree, but it didn't disappoint:

The face of my Matthew as he enjoys his jumper for the first time. There is something truly magical about the light in this little guy's eyes. And his smile...oh his smile..., well, if you ask me, it can light up the world, not just the room:And my third moment of beauty is this snapshot of a father and son. Zach thinks he's just saying "cheese" and looking at "his new house", but his father sees the foundation behind him as a goal attained, a dream beginning, and the foundation of a home that will see our boys grow from babyhood into adulthood.I am just so lucky. All of my boys are so cute and bring such joy to my life!

So if you could pick three things of beauty you've seen in the last few days, what would they be?

Thursday, April 15, 2010

See This...?

This is the giggly smile of my sweet little baby, who is almost 5 months old:

This is how I make dinner these days(Matt looks very afraid of the chicken!):

This is how I try to entertain my toddler as he goes potty:

This is how happy and proud I want him to be of his accomplishments, on or off of the potty:

This is a seemingly just a hole in the ground:

This is my husband standing in the basement, right under where his new office will be(so fitting, the man works constantly):

So did you see this?

This was my last few days in photos!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Cousins...Identical cousins...

When I was younger I used to love watching Nick at Nite. They showed classics shows like "The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet", "I Dream of Genie", "Mr. Ed" and "The Patty Duke Show". For some reason I loved that show, maybe it was the idea that cousins could look alike and act so different, but still seemed twin like in a way. I think I liked the thought because my sis and I were always like twins in some ways, looking alike, talking alike, but acting very different, but enough alike to keep us bonded like twins. In a way our sons remind me also of that Patty Duke Show type twinship.
As the theme song for the show says: "But they're cousins, Identical cousins all the way. One pair of matching bookends, Different as night and day."

Then later in the song:

"Still, they're cousins, Identical cousins and you'll find, They laugh alike, they walk alike, At times they even talk alike -- You can lose your mind, When cousins are two of a kind!"

Looking at Zach and Jack you wouldn't see a resemblance. Where one is dark, the other is fair, but in many ways these two boys are kindred spirits. They squabble, wrestle, and whine with each other, but they adore each other, and defend each other vigorously. It is not uncommon to see them holding hands as they wade through public places, or exchanging a hug just because. These two boys love being together, and usually at least once a day, Zach will ask me where Jack is, or tell me he wants to go see him. I've overheard them say that they are "best buddies" and that they love each other, and yet it always make me smile to see them play together. They have their moments though where one is throwing a fit because the other has something they want, and if you stay out of it, they usually find a way to work it out. It sounds more like I am talking about brothers than cousins, doesn't it? You see the thing is, that Jack and Zach have a bond, they are friends, cousins, and only time will tell how their bond will grow. I am happy for Jack that he will have my boys as he grows up, but I am also so pleased that they have him. He is such a jokester, one of the smartest kids I've ever known, and he is loyal to a fault, I know that Jack will always look out for his little cousins.

Last week Zach was in heaven...he got to see his cousin Jack almost every single day, since my sister was on Spring break. The week started with a play date, many trips to my Mom's for fun at Grandma's and then later in the week we went to a local Children's Museum. The two of them had a blast, they especially loved the construction zone. (Matt thought it was a bit loud for his sensitive ears :) )I kept joking to my Mom and Sister that I could see them with their own company in twenty years "Cousins Construction". (WARNING THE AMOUNT OF PHOTOS YOU ARE ABOUT TO SEE ARE NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART!)

They also enjoyed fishing with Grandma(Matty even got in the boat for awhile), and traveling in the haul of a big ocean liner. Unfortunately, Zach's porthole was taking on water(hence the pout) while Jack enjoyed staying dry:

Both boys enjoyed etching artifacts with Aunt Lisa(and Princess E) and picking peas pods, they even enjoyed gathering apples together from the apple tree.

And even though they love being together, Zach and Jack did part ways for a few moments. Zach enjoyed tending to the chickens, wearing a sombrero, being shocked to find fish living in bubbles, and rocking out with his xylophone drum sticks.

During this time, I think Jack was putting on a puppet show, dressing in African robes, and playing with windmills. (I didn't get pics of that though since I was obviously tailing Zach at the time)

So to make a long post short...we had a fabulous week with you Aunt Lisa, Jack and Grandma. We can't wait for school to be out, and for the 4th installment to our extended family to arrive!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Friend or foe?

After two intense days of potty-breaks...I think Z got to 17 today, I honestly can't tell you whether the toilet will be my best friend in the days to come, or my mental undoing. I've read books, talked to friends, has this child on the potty since he was 6 months old and now all of the "Readiness" signs are there. Zach knows when he goes, but left to his own devices would tell me after he's already gone, every single time. We are gearing up for the switch to big boy underpants, it's my fear of clean-up that has made me wait this long, and even though I tell myself he will eventually learn how to use the potty with precision, I don't find that comforting when I see a wet pull-up 10 minutes after we just sat and pushed on the potty! So if you're wondering where I am these days, I am more than likely in the bathroom with Z, or changing Matt's D's...literally, these days my life has gone to sh*t!

I know that lately, my posts are fewer and fewer. It isn't that I don't have a million ideas or things I want to say or share, I even have some pictures that are sure to entertain, the trouble is time. Time and that my hubby has been working late for the last week on the laptop that has all of our pictures. I'm hoping to be able to rectify these problems soon!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Easter 2010- Part II

After our exciting morning, both boys took long naps. It was a good thing too, because they had a lot of activities waiting for them at Grandma and Papa's house. It seemed that the Easter Bunny, who of course had visited Grandma and Papa's house had hid presents for the big boys, but was kind enough to leave Matt's in view. (When I speak of the boys in this post, I am not referring to Matt and Zach, but rather to Jack and Zach, the original dynamic duo) You can't tell it by his face in this picture, but hanging with his cousin Jack is one thing that always make Z happy:

After opening up all of the great Lego toys the Easter bunny had brought, and playing with everyone, Zach decided to sport a jazzy hat, and turn up the music. (I think he was inspired by the awesome duds of his cousin!) Zach insisted that everyone danced with him, and he had a blast strutting his stuff on the dance floor.

After the impromptu dance party, the boys were ready for their next adventure.

It was on to the Easter egg hunt, only this time Zach had some competition, Jack was ready and waiting to find the eggs too! I love how the Easter egg hunt was almost as exciting for my dad, Mike and Wayne. Matt was in on watching the big boys run around. I think he might have been pointing to an egg to help his big bro at one point. Even though Jack has 18 months on Z, Zach made a decent showing, here they are showing off their loot:

And since it was Matt's first Easter I managed to get a photo of him with his Mom and Dad, although not in the same picture! (His clothes are off because it was super hot that day, and he was all flushed:

My sister and I couldn't resist snapping shots of ourselves with our eldest sons:

The kids were definitely more interested in the fact that Papa had opened the jacuzzi...I mean what says Easter like a dip in a hot tub right? So my parents volunteered to be lifeguards on duty. Papa first...

And then Grandma joined the action...

It was a great holiday, and so much fun to spend time with our families!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

38 years...

I had to postpone my Easter Part II post, to celebrate a very momentus day in my family....the day my parents got married. It strange to think that a day that happened years before you were born shaped your entire life. Ok, maybe not that April day in '72 when it snowed and my Mom wore a slim fitted lacy empire waist gown, and my Dad's hair was styled to look like a young Elvis' do, but all the days that came after.

Here are just a few things my parents have taught me can happen in 38 years:

In thirty eight years...

two twenty year olds can make a good decision
when one partner needs support the other one steps ups
apartment living is not ideal when you have a newborn
Building your dreams takes vision, so I guess it was a good thing you spent so much time looking at houses, and planning for what you wanted.
Family comes first
Friendship is key
you can fight with the passion of a teenager even when your fifty something
you should never go to sleep angry
Tease each other...growing up I didn't understand that you were flirting :)
It doesn't matter if you have to be separated at times, as long as you live your life like your together
Tolerate each other- the things that irked you at 15 are still the traits that irk you at 58, time doesn't change everything.
Silence can be understanding not avoidance
Talk, talk, talk...someone is always listening, not just Dad's case now, it's touch and go on what he actually does hear and thereby listen too, Sorry Dad, but your hearing isn't what it used to be! :)
Be Honest about who you are at that moment, we all grow, not just older, but in different ways, as long as you grow together you'll be ok.
Loyalty is core
Love is nurtured in every day- so don't miss a moment of the day your in
Enjoy the things you have built, and do it together
Find the time to escape the pressures of the outside world with each other-albeit trips to Las Vegas can get pricey :)
Laughter is the cure for even the worst argument- and that time only makes them fond memories (potato peels...too soon?)

and of course...

after 38 years hearing Mom say to me this morning, even though you have to be away "Marrying your father was the best decision I ever made." with a look of pure love behind it, makes me feel like 38 more years together wouldn't be enough...then again, I'm pretty sure you two won't be happy with anything less than eternity!

I love you Mom and Dad, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter 2010-Part I

There are two reasons I am splitting this post. 1. I am not sure how much time I have to post and to post all the pics from the day would take forever and 2. I have only uploaded photos from the 1st part of the day. I know I am a day late, or two on the recap, but my hubby decided to work yesterday from 7-9:30 and to monopolize the computer. In all fairness it is sort of "his" computer!

Saturday we ventured into the backyard to dye Easter eggs. Zach had a good time, even though we made a mess(Both of our hands were covered in dye by the end of the process). I knew that would happen though, which is why we were outside(and Z was minus a shirt) in the first place:

Did you notice the little legs in the last shot? Matt was out there with us. Here he is chillin' by the eggs:

Dad was the photographer for this event, but I did sneak a picture of him and the boys:

After dyeing eggs, Zach was really excited for Easter morning, and the hunt to find his and Matt's Easter baskets and the sports eggs the Easter Bunny had hid around the house for him:

(The Easter Bunny and I have talked and Matt's personalized basket will be here by next Easter!

Here are some pics of Zach looking for his $ eggs:

I don't know what this face is saying...maybe, "Where's the big $ Mom?":

While Zach searched for the eggs, Matt was content to sit in his Bobby and watch the fun. I think he was monitoring Z's approach and planning his strategy for next year:

After the morning egg hunt ended, Grandma Alice came over to enjoy Easter breakfast with us. It was great seeing her and I know Z was thrilled with the basket of goodies she brought him:
Grandma Alice also brought a blue bunny for Matty. I don't know what it was about that bunny, but he loved it! He had a good 5 minute conversation with the baby bunny that was tucked into the big bunny's basket. Maybe he was trading secrets with it on how to charm your Mommy. My little Matthew has that down pat!: