Sunday, October 30, 2011

Pumpkin Posting

It seems that every blog I've read this week, had a post similar, and since I already have fallen so far behind, I thought I better sneak in this pumpkin picking post today before Halloween. Otherwise, I will be so overwhelmed with pictures, I'll never get around to documenting our family outing.

For the past two years we have gone to a pumpkin festival of sorts with friends. This year our hectic month of October put a wrench in any sort of weekend outing to a Pumpkin Festival. We had two weddings, three birthday parties, and so our only chance would have been this weekend, except today we had a neighborhood Halloween party, ect. ect. It just didn't happen this year, but I will try my best to make sure we get to go again next year. Instead our weekend consisted of Dr visits, instead of exploring, and hunkering in, instead of venturing out. Matt has yet another ear infection, and so a new round of antibiotics are underway. Fortunately, he is back to a better version of himself today, even if my poor baby went through hell to get his blood taken. Who knows what awaits that little guy, I just pray they figure out what's wrong and fix it.

On a brighter note, one a shade of orange, we were able to take a family trip to a few pumpkin patches, so we could stock up for carving. Here is a picture of Matt checking out the pumpkins and wondering, why he isn't able to run around like Zach:
Zach loves Halloween, and he really loves looking for pumpkins. What he like more though, is looking for fish...I mean seriously, I thought he was going to climb in this pond at one point:

Unfortunately our first stop didn't have large enough pumpkins, so we headed off to another stop. I must say, I liked the atmosphere of our 2nd stop better, and since it was partly indoors, Matt was even able to get out and participate. (Translation:Matt is smart, quick, and stubborn- If he wants to go he goes. I am overprotective, nervous, and not a fast runner- I know the limits of where I can put him without losing my mind or having a panic attack)

Here we are at the 2nd pumpkin patch- I love the decor, and I also think it is kind of spooky that there is a cemetery behind us:

And just to prove that sometime Zach almost looks at the camera:Inside we loaded up the cart with pumpkins. Zach picked his:

Then Matt made a selection:

While Zach took his time making sure he had made the right choice:

Matt ran like a wild man through the rows:

I finally tried for the "money" shot of my two boys, But this was the best we could do:

While Matt lounged in his car seat drinking some apple juice, Zach helped Dad load the loot-He really wanted to smile for the camera, but he wasn't about to take his eyes off the pumpkin to do it:

It was a wonderful day, and I was so happy that Matt was smiley, Zach had fun, Wayne got his pumpkins, and I got some quality time with my three favorite guys. Stay tuned to see the Halloween posts...Oh and,Hulk says you have to come back soon, or he'll "Smash" you!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Have you ever been BOOed?

This afternoon Wayne came home to find a little bag of goodies on our porch. We had noticed these signs up in some of our neighbors houses over the course of the last few days, but thought it must be something to do with the school. As it turns out it is some sort of Halloween tradition where neighbors leave treats for each other, ring the bell and run. I have never been part of this BOOing game, or the Halloween Phantom as my neighborhood is calling it. Here is the poem that came attached to our phantom image:

The Phantom Ghost has come to town,

To leave you some goodies, I see you've found.

If you do not wish a curse to fall,

Continue this greeting, this Phantom call.

Post this Phantom where it can be seen,

Leave it there until HALLOWEEN.

This will scare away other Phantoms that may want to visit.

Be sure to participate, don't be a "fis-bidget!"

Make two treats, two Phantoms and two notes like this.

Deliver them to two friends who may have been missed.

Don't let them see you, be sneaky no doubt.

Make sure they put their Phantom Ghost out.

You have only one day to act, so be quick.

Leave it at doors where the Phantom has not yet hit.

Deliver at dark when there is no light.

Ring the doorbell and run, stay out of sight!

Happy Halloween!

Aside from the fact that I had to make a last minute trip to Target, I think the whole thing is a little weird, but sweet...literally and figuratively. I think my first BOOing baskets turned out cute:

Well I'd love to stay and chat, but this Phantom has some baskets to deliver!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

One weekend, Three Birthdays!

This weekend was a birthday marathon. On Friday we celebrated my sister in law Olivia's 30th with a SURPRISE party. On Saturday we celebrated my Mother in law Alice's birthday with a family dinner out. Then today we rounded out the weekend with a Chuck E Cheese extravaganza for my oldest nephew, Jason, who turned 8! It was a busy weekend, but it was a lot of fun seeing everyone, and of couse all of the cake and icecream was an added bonus.

Friday night we got to Ryan and Olivia's house around 6, so as the boys waited they decided to have some chips and watch SpongeBob:

Shortly after came the big surprise:

And then came the dress up part...Olivia was a great sport as her sister "30'd" her up:
Matt was really fascinated by Aunt Olivia's get up, but Zach had his eye on his cousin Grant's new guinea pigs. Here Z is holding Toffee(I think), while Grant holds Caramel:
Matt was interested in the animals, but not interested enough to touch them:I hope you get your wish this year Olivia:
On Saturday night, we all met up at Friendly's to celebrate Alice. Here is part of the crew:

And at the other end, were myself, Lisa and this smiley little guy:
Alice opened up her presents, and then enjoyed being serenaded by three of her grandsons(the other one was strapped into his high chair)

The boys insisted they help blow out the candles too, just to make sure Grandma got her wish:
I think Jason was just getting in a little practice for his party today too. Everyone had a wonderful time. The boys were really into playing in the arcade this trip, even Matt. Well actually, Matt was interested in putting tokens in the slots and then leaving the game. The one game he did like to watch me play was a game where you tried to punch boxers in the head as they moved past you. Here he is getting ready to "play" the game:

And here are Z and Wayne playing together:

Jason had a great time shouting for Chuck E Cheese to come,

and he looked so happy when he got his birthday crown:

I still can't believe that it was eight years ago tomorrow that he entered our lives. Jason, so many wonderful things have happened since you've come, I can't wait to see what the future holds for you. I hope you enjoyed your party, we were so happy to be there!

I hope all of you enjoyed your weekend as much as we did!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Picture Relays...

The other night I realized that I hadn't taken any photos of the boys in awhile, and I needed a recent one of Matt to go on his 2nd birthday invitation. I tried to get him to let me take his picture, but he was more interested in looking in the viewfinder with me than being in one. Zach also "wanted to see", but I decided to play "picture relay" instead of "cheese". The boys seemed to have a blast running back and forth up the hallway, and relaying. I was even able to capture a few photos of my moving targets that are pretty cute. After awhile, and about 100 deleted shots, they slowed down a little. You see the point of the game was that they run so fast that I couldn't take their picture. Here is one of them catching their breath before the next relay starts:

And here's one of the trade offs:

After about 20 minutes of running, I was finally able to get them to sit down near each other. Only after a really typical brotherly moment occurred. One minute a hug:

The next minute a headlock:

After all that, finally some side by side brother shots:

And perhaps the most precious picture of all, even if its blurry:

Its clear these boys are two peas in a pod. A crazy, not-stop, gonna-try-to-drive-me-crazy-sometimes pod, but hey, at least their in it together. I just love watching my boys be brothers, what a blessing that's been!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Hey September...Where'd you go?

I cannot even believe that it is the 10th of October today! That means I went with nearly a month between posts, which is unheard of in the blogging world unless you've just decided to throw in the towel. I have no good excuse for my absence except to say that our fall has been extremely hectic with little chance of slowing down in the coming weeks. Time is flying, and months are passing quicker than I'd like. I am already starting to think I should be a lot further along in my holiday shopping than I am, and anticipating the first snow fall, even though it has been in the 70's and 80's this week.

Here are a few of my favorite things from the month of September:

My new Ipad2!

I was so excited when my parents and siblings went overboard for my birthday and got me an Ipad. I have been envying theirs for so long. This little electronic has consumed a lot of my after kids go to sleep hours, which might be why I haven't been blogging as regularly. I'd love to tell you my fascination is wearing off, but I swear each day I enjoy it more and more. Thanks Mom, Dad, Nick, Cheryl, Lisa, Mike, Jack and Emma for such a sweet surprise!

And speaking of awesome surprises, on my birthday I was totally not expecting this beautiful floral arrangement from my sweetie:
Especially since he had already bought me this lovely new set of matching patio furniture for the newly completed deck:
And while September was filled with wonderful gifts, none were so special to me as getting to spend time out with my hubby, thanks to Alice, and spending as much time as I can with my boys!