Friday, July 31, 2009

Still Out Here!

This week just seemed to get away from me. The good news is that my uncle is still with us, and on the mend so to speak. He is not completely out of the woods yet, but we are all hopeful he will make a full recovery. Aside from that, my big sis celebrated her 32nd b-day this week. Happy Belated Li! We all went out to the OG for her birthday (well, my Dad couldn't make it, he was out of town on business, but he still paid! Isn't he the best?) and it was delicious and fun to be with everyone. Zach and I spent the day indoors on Thursday, just catching our breath, and then today we went to assist with the party preparations for little man Jack's 3rd birthday! I am so excited for him, he is sooo into his party. I am sure I will take a ton of cute pictures...well cute if you count blurry children as cute, of both Z and Jack tomorrow. I promise I will improve on my posting this week. I will add it to my to-do-list, which also includes clearing out what is currently out home office for Matt. On a positive note, I did decide on paint colors, so once we get the room cleared, and things reorganized, we are ready to get started on the transformation. I don't expect the crib till the beginning of September, so I am trying not to panic. I keep telling myself I have time, but if I don't get started on his nursery soon, I feel like I might be trying to convince myself of that fact on the way to the hospital. Since I don't want to leave you without at least a cute picture for what is undoubtedly a boring post, here is a picture to get you through till my next post...

Ironically enough, I took this photo just after we finished watching The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. (Mom's of little one's will totally get the humor here) There is something about Zach in the not well taken shot, that makes me almost see what he look like 15 years from now. Boy do I hope he smiles then as often as he smiles now!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

A Solemn Sunday

I am feeling a little off kilter today. Yesterday I found out my Uncle Cheech was in the hospital with an aneurysm. I was shocked. I mean he is always so spirited and full of vigor when I see him even though he is 71. It just seemed ridiculous that we might lose him after just losing my Uncle Pat five months ago. It was a really tough day, and my heart broke for my cousins, my Aunt, and of course my father who just lost a brother. It made me realize how special this little man inside me is, not only to me, but to his brother. My dad and his brothers have always pulled together and with Uncle Pat gone, Uncle Cheech was stepping up into the role of patriarch. We aren't ready to lose him and so we all started praying. My uncle is a really religious man, who always offers wisdom on our lives. Any time you need him, he comes and he is just a powerhouse. Although he's only a little over 5 feet tall (a fall off of a roof in Italy when he was young caused some growth damage) he is a man of passion. No one can belt out Sinatra's "My Way" quite like he can, and no one can tell you what you could or should have done quicker than he can. Although his fingers are a bit gnarled with arthritis, it doesn't stop him from coming to any of his families electrical needs(he was an electrician) and he is an outstanding father, grandfather and coach. I love him dearly and I desperately want him to get better.

Today things were looking up a bit, we found out it was a venial bleed and not an arterial one, and he was able to move his legs and arms when asked, so we are all praying for his recovery. I guess I just wanted all of you to put him in your prayers, because even one counts.

On a happier side note; My brother and his wife Cheryl celebrated their one year anniversary today! I hope they enjoyed their first year together, they all just seem to start speeding by after that! Hopefully this next year brings them every happiness they are hoping for, I know it will bring them a beautiful new home! Love you guys!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Batman!

So on an outing with my Mom and sis I decided to buy Zach his first official bike. Since he loves music, this bike was perfect because it not only has a sound panel, but has headlights that light up. Zach and I put it together...well together and he was so excited every step of the way. He even helped me with the screwdriver at times! So here is Zach's first set of wheels, or his Big Wheel if you will.
And here are a few shots of Zach enjoying his bike. I guess I should mention that he isn't quite able to reach the petals just yet, but we'll be practicing for next summer in the basement a few months from now! Just look at his smile, I don't think he minds at all...I think he is just thrilled to have the coolest bike on the block!

And even though Zach wasn't able to take the bike for a spin on his own, we wheeled him around for awhile. Zach did decide that even though he wasn't quite old enough to pedal on his own, he was able to perform stunts:
He did actually go to a full stand on the seat, but I didn't get a picture of that, because I had already dropped the camera to race to his rescue! I swear these boys are going to turn me gray by 35!

And while some of you might think its silly to but a 17 month old a bike for a 2 year old, I guess I was just inspired.

Some of my fondest memories are of riding my pink and white big wheel around the cul-de-sac we lived on and saying, "I'm running away to old Bombay!" I have no idea why I was fascinated with the idea of running away, or where the heck I heard about Bombay, I just think I liked how my sister would actually get worried I was leaving and run after me and tell me to come back. OK. So I was a weird child, who liked attention even then! Hopefully Zach and Matt will have great memories of their own with this little Batbike! I can't wait to see them learn to ride!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Just Because...


Well that and...

- He's played golf three out of the last five days and he plays hockey tonight

- I am pregnant with his child

- I already gave him a beautiful son who is his "baby twin"

- I went grocery shopping without him (A feat I don't usually like to attempt)

-He works constantly- I mean it...constantly!

- I've taken care of Zach's nightime(Did I mention daytime?) routine for the last five days, pretty much on my own, we usually alternate.


- And finally, I actually made him dinner- His favorite meatloaf.

Looking at my list. I kind of just like his reason best! I think I'll go with that one too!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Cousins, Cousins, Cousins by the Dozens! Zach doesn't have dozens of 1st cousins, in fact he only has two, but its a song my Mom sings and I think its quite catchy. Plus, you never know what fate has in store! I am lucky enough to have two incredibly adorable nephews who are both just so sweet to my little boy. I can't wait to see how Zach's relationship with his cousins Jason and Jack evolve over the years.

Today I was fortunate enough to get to see both of my nephews in one day! This morning my sister Lisa had a dental apt so I was asked to nephewsit and it was great! I don't often get to have Jack's humor all to myself, so it was a definite treat. He morphed into the Hulk at one point and made this hysterical face, and he was so kind to Z even when he threw a temper tantrum because he was tired. We all ate pancakes together, and instead of me talking to Zach and getting no reply, I was able to carry on a very enjoyable breakfast conversation with Jack. It was a great way to start a Monday. Once we put Z down for his morning nap, Jack and I headed outside to play with bubbles. I am not sure how it happened, but he convinced me we should fill up the baby pool and just splash around in it. He had a blast and by the time his Mom came to pick him up, he was soaked from head to toe. Lisa and I enjoyed some java together while we watch Jack run around like a crazy man, and it was great. Too bad Zach missed all the fun because he was sleeping! Here is a shot of Jack when he was "King of the Crab" (he actually said this...he is so funny!)

Then this evening we had a visit from my sister in law Lisa, my brother in law Skip and my oldest nephew Jason. (Wayne and I both have sisters named Lisa, who have sons with J names...isn't that a coincidence!) It was so wonderful seeing the boys run around together. Jason also showed us his awesome new sneakers that light up like police cars. I think Zach wanted a pair too, but like I told Lisa, he'd probably just walk into everything because he would be too busy looking at his feet. The boys were just too cute having a grand old time just circling the house, until Jason wanted to go outside and blow bubbles. As you can see the two of them had a lot of fun and spent some much needed cousin bonding time together. By the end of the day, Zach could even say Jay:

I just love this last shot because Jason is being a superhero, pointing his bubble blowing gun at an imaginary assailant and Zach is just looking at him like, "Um...I don't really see anything Jason, but I'll go with you on this." So sweet to see how quickly they grow and become so creative!

And even though it was a wonderful day with both his cousins, at the end of the evening, Zach couldn't help but go in search of his BF "Lennie". I actually think if you tallied how many times Zach says Mommy, Daddy or Lennie in a day, Lennie would win 2 to 1. Of course you'll notice that both Lennie and Zach don't listen to Mommy when she says to stay out of the landscaping. Oh well.. at least I got this adorable shot:

Thank you everyone for coming and making this such a great and memorable "cousins" day!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

The Matt Effect...or should I say "Mat" Effect!

Did I mention I can be obsessive about certain things? For some pregnant woman this obsession is cleaning their homes, cooking elaborate meals, or decorating every room in their house...well for me its needlepoint. Now I am not normally a crafty individual, I don't know how to sew or knit, but a few years back (10 in fact) I decided to needlepoint. A close friend of mine found out she was having a baby and I wanted to do something special for her daughter. I needle pointed her name and had it framed to hang in her nursery. Ever since I have needle pointed the name of my best friend Jody's first born son, my nephew Jack's name, and finally my first born son's name, Zachary.

It was such a wonderful experience creating something special for these little people that I decided I must continue the tradition with Matthew. So off Z and I went to Jo Ann Fabrics to gather the threads we would need and I began that very same night. Ever since then when Zach sleeps I needlepoint, which hasn't left a lot of time for blogging. There is something so connecting in creating a special gift for my son, and with each thread I knot I picture his face, his first steps, his laugh. I may not be a professional by any means, and he may want to hide it in his basement when he's grown, but for today, I needle his name and hope for his future. In just under two weeks I have finished three letters. (Only four left to stitch, don't worry it's not crooked like it looks in the pic!):

And since I don't want anyone confusing my son's name with a mat on the floor, here is an extra T:

I'll be changing the letters color on the next T I stitch to green just so they are a bit different. So I apologize for my blogging absence, but like I've said I'm obsessed. Until I finish this little masterpiece I am consumed, then I am off to get it framed and to prepare M's room for him. I know he isn't due till November, but if Zach's taught me anything this last year, its that once you have a child, time just flies. Lets hope that effect doesn't work exponentially, otherwise these two will be grown in what will feel like a few years! You veteran parents are probably thinking...yeah, but there will be days that seem like they take forever to get through, and with two kids under two I expect my share of those. Lets be honest though, its those days that make you appreciate all the others.

I will do my best to be diligent this week in posting and catching you all up on the fun we've had. I would like to share a few pictures of two of my favorite boys playing in the park:

Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Man Phone!

The heart wants what it wants, or so the saying goes, and my son proved that the other day at Toys R Us. For those of you that don't know me in "real" life, I get bored quite easily. The toys that I currently have in my house are no exception to that rule. So with a coupon and gift card in hand Wayne, Z and I, headed out for some toy purchases. One big perk to knowing I am going to have two boys is that now I feel validated in spending money on even more gadgets for them to play with. Zach is a very curious and hands on kid, so I wanted to get him something new for him to play with. I settled on a new cash register toy, since I still couldn't find a tool set that is age appropriate and creative, and a few new bath toys(All made by Fisher Price):

He loves them both. But nothing could prepare us for Zach instantaneous love for this little beauty:

Now, as I've stated in previous posts Zach loves phones, and he loves pressing the buttons on real phones and listening to them beep. This phone not only beeps when you dial, but it plays songs when you push the green button. He was in love, the only problem was it was pink. Here I was in the aisle saying, "Wayne we need to get it for him, it makes him so happy!", while Wayne retorted, "'s pink. He's a boy not a girl." "So what?" I said.

"You can't give a boy a pink phone, lets see if they have one in a different color?"

So off we went to customer service. A young gun rep was there, and I asked whether there was a different color of the phone, but there wasn't. I said, "Who cares, its pink, he likes it, does it really matter?." and the macho sales rep said, "Yes, you can't get a boy a pink phone." Great two on one. So we went off in search of a "guy" phone.

Three options presented themselves. One was an Elmo phone which didn't beep, flip open, or play music. Another was a Handy Manny phone that spoke in English and Spanish and was for ages 3-5. Um...I don't think so! The last was a red phone with some penguins on it. The Wonder Pets or something.

This phone seemed like a compromise, but Zach didn't love it (When I say he loved a phone I mean he smiled and laughed and said hello to it, danced to its music, and clutched the box in his hands.) This option also played one of the most obnoxious songs I've ever heard when it was "ringing". I looked at Wayne and said..."I don't think so."

I said, "Let Zach decide." and Wayne "agreed" and so we gave him the Elmo phone or the pink flip phone. He once again took to the Fisher Price phone. Wayne was like..."I can't Amy, its not right." I was like, "Fine you take it away from him then." and this is what happened:

Wayne: (holding out hand) Zach give Daddy the phone!

Zach: (clutching the phone to his chest) NO!

Wayne: (patiently with hand outstretched) Zach give it back, we aren't going to get it!

Zach: (now practically hugging the phone to him as though it were his lifeline, sadness building in his voice) NO!

Wayne: (reaches out to take the box)

Zach: (Wiggling out of his father's reach, looks his father right in the eye, and with a hint of desperation and pain in his voice.) NO!

Wayne: (looking to me for help, finally shrugging and then smiling) OK, Zach you can get the phone.

Zach: (beaming from ear to ear, goes back to playing with the phone)

Wayne to Me: We have to make the phone more mannish though.

So off we go in search of a way to "man up" the phone. We found ourselves in the sticker department and Wayne picked the most masculine theme he could find. What was it you ask? TRANSFORMERS! Let's be honest people nothing says guy quite like cars which are aliens, and action!

And so from a little boy's love of a pink phone was born...THE MAN PHONE

You'll notice even the inside got a little Autobots sticker. I have two things to say, One is compromise is a beautiful thing, and Zach is enjoying his new phone in the comfort of his own home, and two, Thank God I had a brother to help prepare me just a little for what raising two boys is going to be like. Thanks Nick for allowing me to play Transformers with you, since Barbies don't seem like they are in my (near) future.

Friday, July 10, 2009

The Great Debate!

Wayne and I always seem to have to hash it out over major purchases. As I've mentioned before, I am a bit indecisive at times, and my husband can be too, so we go back and forth. Usually there is some sort of poll involved of close friends and relatives, and we weigh those insights and then do what we think is best. So why did I think picking a crib set for baby #2 was going to be any different?

The issue is that I hate spending $...I mean I love it, but I love having it in the bank too! My husband on the other hand is a spend big, and get it right kind of guy. I love that he loves beautiful things, but sometimes he can go a little overboard! He's probably reading this and thinking..."Sure Amy, you spend more money they I do!", and to be fair many of his big purchases are for the house, or if he had it his way...a bigger house! Needless to say we are both beauty seekers. I think its actually part of our zodiac signs, so there is little we can do to fight it! :)

So why am I airing this insider information? Well, once again we are faced with a decision. There are two cribs that are about $300-400 dollars apart in price, and I know my Mom would say, "Get the one you want!", but $300 could buy a new double stroller which we will desperately need, plus its $ in the bank so to speak, as I'm gearing up to take off a year or two. I'm torn. Don't get me wrong they are both beautiful sets, and I actually like that the one comes from a company that we have dealt with before and they were wonderful to us, but I know Wayne prefers the other. So I'm bringing it to the blog front. Here is the bedding we've picked:

And here are the two crib options, The first is by Pali and it is called "Tuscan":

The second crib is the "Urban" by Munire:

If we went with the urban we would get it in cherry, which is lighter than what is shown above. Also we would get the double dresser with 6 drawers for either set.

Please let us know what you think would look better with the bedding we've selected. Also, we are probably going to go with a pale but not pastel yellow tone for the wall, or possibly a light green.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Introducing...Zach's little bro!

I was negligent yesterday in posting some pics from the ultrasound, so I thought I would share them today. Some of them are like those old photos where you have to stare at it for awhile before the image pops out. These are the best shots we could get because our darling youngest decided he didn't like all of the pictures being taken of him. We even tried to get a couple 3D images, but he actually blocked our shots with not only his arms over his face, but his legs as well. Maybe Baby M, decided is prepping for his life as a celebrity and already strinking poses for the Paparazzi.

Here is Baby M's face: (In this picture it's just his head. I've turned it so it's almost like he is upright. His chin is pressed against the uterine wall, but you can make out his nose, lips, and hint of eyes. I didn't see any hair, so I think I am getting another baldy :) )

Here is the little man's hand:
And this was the $ shot so to speak. Here is some proof that I am the mother of two boys:
I hope you enjoyed the preview...I don't think we'll get the chance to see Baby M in utero again.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Pink socks and Intelligender Tests be damned!

It's a Boy!

A beautiful and perfect, so far, little man to match his adorable older brother. I would be lying if I didn't say I was a bit disappointed at first, and then I just reveled in the fact that I've been blessed with these two little men in my life. I am so lucky to have not one, but two healthy sons and I am so excited about meeting the newest man in my life. Now that I know he's on his way, I am getting things into gear. Wayne and I went to look at cribs today, and I think I know the color of the room and the bedding I want to pick. Zach surprised me by actually saying "brother" when I said say brother, and I have a sneaky suspicion that these two had this meeting planned all along. I truly believe that everyone and everything happens for a reason and Zach is meant to have his little brother.

It will be a little sad to let go of the visions of pigtails, and Barbies, and all things girly, but I can't quite close my mind to that yet. I know my hubby only wants two, and two make a lot of sense, but I just can't let that 3rd go today. In time I may look at my two meant to be sons, my handsome hubby, and be content in all that we are, a complete family, but just for today I am going to let myself think of the daughter I may never get to a distant possibility. Then again, maybe my brother or sister will give me a niece and I will spoil her senseless with pretty pink clothes, get my girl fix, and go home to my boys, my boys who do now and always will have my heart!

Thank you to everyone who posted their guess. I will try to put a few pics up later!

Monday, July 6, 2009

A sock prediction?

Now don't get me wrong I am not the best laundry doer in the world, but I never made the mistake before of putting an unwashed red t-shirt in with white socks prior to this pregnancy. The result...some pick socks!

Could this be fate's way of sending me a sign for tomorrow? Since we are almost 24 hours away from finding out the gender of baby X. I thought it would be fun to take a little poll and see what people's pedictions are for tomorrow. Since I am not clever enough to know how to create a online poll, please just post your guess as a comment. I am so excited to see what the majority thinks. Then be sure to stop in tomorrow for the revealing post and some photos!

Firecrackers and Friends!

The 4th turned out to be a beautiful day even though it rained here the entire week before. We spent the day with my family at the lake and went over to my uncles' houses down the lake a bit. There were some surprise absentees, like my Uncle Jim who had to have a quadruple bipass on Friday, and my Aunt Sue who was with him. My uncle is getting back into his old spirits and even called his siblings during the party. The rest of the party was wonderful, we had great food, and great company. My Aunt Marge organizes the party every year, and her sister Joan helps to host it...can you tell we are a close knit group?

Zach was in high spirits darting around with the kids, and although he wasn't quite big enough this year to keep up with the big kids, he had plenty of playmates. Thats the bonus of having cousins close in age, with children close in age! I would love to show you some pictures of Zach and Jack, but unfortunately Jack was running with the big boys this weekend, then on Sunday anytime Jack was awake, Z was sleeping and vice versa. Needless to say, I don't have a photo with the two of them in it. All in all it was a wonderful weekend and I was so happy to spend some time with the fam at a place that has always meant so much to all of us. (Yes, Mom ALL...even me, although I still won't shower there :) ) Here are some of my favorite shots:

Hanging with Grandma and Wolfie:
Zach decides to almost sit down for a bit with Daddy and Papa on the new Adirondack chairs:
Aunt CC, Zach's new found BFF takes him on the slide. A rare photo because he's actually wearing his hat for a moment:
Zach decides to gain a little independence of his own:
My Mom and her via telephone:
Zach and his best bud for the day, Mark, who is one day younger than Zach:
Zach's cousin Jules decides to try to take a pony ride, with Zach as the pony:
Zach and his Daddy. It's almost as if Z's smiles beams: "Daddy is just soooo much fun!":
One of my favorite shots of Jack "smiling":
And finally the only shot taken of me and my boy:

Friday, July 3, 2009

Happy 4th of July!

Since we will be visiting with family and friends all day tomorrow, I wanted to post a quick photo from last year's 4th of July.
Its incredible to think about how far Zach has come in a year. Just look at how chubby that face is, and how bald he really was. It doesn't even seem like this could be the same child:

My how my baby has become a little man! I am so excited to see Zach run around with his 2nd cousins, many of whom are under the age of 10. I think there are 10 under the age of 6. It will be an eventful day, and while I doubt Zach will stay up till 9:30 to watch fireworks, I am sure he will enjoy playing the games that Aunt Lisa organized for the kids, and eating all of the wonderful food. I know he will love seeing his relatives and taking in some of the lake air. I am thrilled too, because some of my fondest memories are of spending the 4th at the lake, watching fireworks on a boat with my cousins, and I will be able to share that with my son (and mystery baby) very soon. I hope you all enjoy the holiday, and I promise to post soon about out celebration.

For this post, I totally copy-cated one of my favorite blogs to read, written by my very creative cyber-friend Jen who is a great writer, and a fellow English teacher with an adorable little girl. You should check out her blog at to enjoy her daily doses of humor.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Sprinkles or Cherry Dip?

As an avid lover of ice cream, who indulges at least once a week in the summer, I am constantly faced with decisions. I get to the window and the girl behind the counter asks, "What can I get you?" Now usually I am a soft-serve girl, when I am eating well a Wow Cow flavor will do, but now that I am preggo I am all about the milk fat. With that one little question I must face the decision of chocolate, vanilla, or twist. Being the indecisive person I am, I usually go with the twist, because get the best of both worlds. Once I've crossed the flavor hurdle it's on to the topping....

Should I go with rainbow sprinkles?

Or the cherry dip?

The choice is a timeless one. I swear I have struggled with this decision since I was five. Since no one has commented in weeks, I would love to see what decision you would make. What is your favorite ice cream combination?

I can tell you that Zach preferred the cherry dip and munching on the cone most of all. Unfortunately, I didn't have a camera on hand, but this adorable picture of a blond little boy devouring his cone gives you a good idea of what the scene looked like. (minus the beautiful flowers in the background)

Now please feel free to leave a comment and a combination for me to try on my next ice cream outing.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Jell-O and Hello!

As Zach is getting older, he is just such a stitch to be around. He is always smiling and looking for a way to get others to laugh at him, he really is an entertainer. Dinner time is no exception to Zach's charm, and since he is an awesome eater I sometimes reward him with dessert. For example, the other day I picked up some Jell-O at the store, and after a well eaten meal of chicken and potatoes, I gave some to little man. I cut it up into cubes and gave him his fork, since we are trying to master that skill, and let him have at it. Things started out so sophisticated:
But quickly Zach realized that orange Jell-O is not only cool to touch, but also delicious, so he wanted to get to eat it faster...for Zach that meant digging in...literally:
And then of course, shoveling it in:

Not only has Zach been busy enhancing his palette for delectable desserts, but he is quite the conversationalist these days. He is saying a lot of individual words, and will try to repeat what you say most of the time if you prompt him. He also spends some time jargoning in Zach speak, but we have some great conversations that way. One of the cutest things Zach is doing these days is that when the phone rings he say "Hello". In casual meetings he uses Hi, but most of the time in regards to the phone its "hello". I think he gets that from his father, who is constantly on his phone taking business calls. Here is the little man in action:

No matter where Zach acquired the skill, he's loving it. He even holds the phone up to his "ear: (as you can see its more like the back of his head) to "talk" and will now carry a conversation with the person at the other end that goes something like,

Me: "Zach say hi"

Z: "hiiii"

Me: "Zach say blue"

Z: "blue"

Me: "Zach say bye"

Z: "Byeeeeeeee"

Sometimes we mix up the word in the middle with something like; Lennie, or tree, or yellow, or shoes, well you get the point. My little baby is getting to be such a little boy, and while I am sad to see him getting older, I feel so fortunate that I am his "Mama" and he is always going to be my Zach.