Sunday, May 31, 2009

Keep it coming!

In the scheme of life, I am truly blessed, but every once in awhile you get overwhelmed. On Friday Zach had an allergic reaction to his amoxicillin, which he had stopped taking Thursday morning. It looked a lot like a rash, and wasn't as severe of a reaction as I have read about thank God. I was completely sucker punched by this news, because I was not expecting Z to be allergic to anything, except maybe bee stings like his dad. Apparently, I was wrong. I don't know why it bothers me that my baby is allergic to something, but it does, mostly because it is a slight complication to his life. From here on out, he will have to put it on every form that he fills out at a dr's office, let people at school know, ect. I mean, it's not the end of the world, but it is a teeny tiny cross to carry. I know...pregnancy hormones!

Although we had a lovely weekend, even after the dr's visit, Zach was a little crabby. I don't know if it was the rash /hives(which didn't seem to itch at all) or the fact that he is 15 months and going through a phase. Somewhere in the scheme of tantrums and snuggles, and dance fests, we found time to plan our landscaping, visit nurseries, go to the store and play outside. We even got to enjoy a Sunday dinner this evening with Grandma and Papa! It was a lovely evening, until my mother looked at me and said, "I don't know Amy, his right eye looks a little red." This had been my suspicion since early this morning. Yesterday I noticed Zach's eyes didn't look right, I told Wayne, he told me I was now imagining things. This morning, I also restated that his eyes "looked weird" to me. Again, I was reassured that all was well. By this afternoon I was convinced that pink eye was once again starting, so I popped some left over drops in his eyes (What could they hurt?-lets hope they don't have penicillin in them!). So when my mother implied that Zach's eyes looked red, I kinda knew I wasn't going crazy. What I do know is that I really can't afford to take another day off of work, and that that really shouldn't be my first thought when I hear that my baby might have pink eye for the 2nd time in 3 weeks. I really can't wait till I can stay home and take care of my kids, so that I don't have to think of 120 students who I need to review for exams with. Then I can just nurture the two children I was blessed to have, and keep them out of daycare, where apparently getting pink eye is as common as a cold. Like I said...some days...well the punches they just keep a comin'

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

1st Photos are sometimes not flattering!

Here is a head/ side profile type shot of baby X. I know my sweet baby looks more like a creature from "I am Legend" in this photo than the cute bundle of joy that we will receive, but I assure you all sonogram shots this early on are not that flattering. (It doesn't help that our tech was a witch who only gave us 2 shots...the other one is much worse!) What the images are when you are watching them on a screen is amazing! It was so entrancing to watch this little bean move, look at their little arms and legs, and see the heartbeat. Even though it may not look it, this is the most beautiful picture in the world to me. The sight of my child growing and getting ready to enter our world, well... it's heaven.

Here is what we found out. Right now the baby is 3 1/2 inches long, and is measuring at 14 weeks and a day, which moves my due date up to the 24th of November. My guess all along has been Nov 28th, so we will see! Everything looked great with baby X, and the heartbeat was strong and normal. We will be going back in hopefully 4-5 weeks to find out the sex of the baby, it was just too soon to tell. I am so relieved that I finally got to see my little girl/boy on the screen that I really know you're in there Baby X, bring on the kicks!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A Mini Casa!

It was an exciting day around these parts. Today we finally got our shed! It is really cute and reminds me of a miniature version of our house(it has the same color scheme). I can't believe it went up in a day and it is already a big hit in the neighborhood! (I think the guy got 2 more orders just from putting it up...who knew shed building was so in demand?)

I know I am am getting old when I get this psyched about a shed, but its obviously contagious. Just look at how excited Zach's face is! (Wayne looks pretty thrilled too)

Now all we have to do is add some landscaping around the sides and maybe a few flower boxes...Oh how cute will that be? The other thing we are waiting for is the ramp that will go in the front, so we can get our snow blower and lawn mower in and out. I think Wayne is not so secretly hoping to use the ramp to get a riding lawn mower in and out. I love him, but our yard is not big enough to justify a riding lawn mower! Here is a front shot so you can envision and suggest some landscaping designs:

I think it looks like such a cool playhouse, it will almost be a shame to fill it with my ever increasing clutter. Wait, what am I saying, I may just be able to fit my car in the garage this winter...bye bye snow removal :)

Speaking of little houses, and tight quarters, tomorrow is our sonogram. I am so nervous and excited to finally be able to see and hear our little baby. I feel like I've waited forever to get a glimpse of this little girl/guy. I don't know how women used to go their whole pregnancy without being able to see or hear their child...well I guess the kicking always helps with the connection, but who wants to wait that long? Oh well... only a few more hours till our 1st photo of peanut #2!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Worth the Wait?

I know, I know, it's been a week since my last post. I promise you I was only absent because I was caring for the sickie baby, then I went away for a few days and felt the need to disconnect from the cyberworld and connect to the natural world instead. I tell you, there is something about being in the sunshine looking up at vibrant green trees as you lay in a hammock that makes one value their time in a whole new way. Needless to say, I was out and about last week, but I promise to post some exciting news this week! For starters a recap of our glorious three day weekend:

On Friday, Wayne suggested we take Z to a local carnival just to go on some rides and walk around in the sunshine. It was a really small carnival, but Wayne was super excited to take Zach on the rides. We headed out, with our camera, looking forward to all the fun we would have. When we arrived we quickly realized the only ride Zach would be able to go on was the carousel, so I hopped on with my little knight(he was on a black horse, not a white one, the white one was too girly) and we took a spin. Meanwhile, I tried to balance Z, suck in my ever growing baby pouch, and smile for the camera. While...I waited to see Wayne snapped our heart-warming photo, only to have him look at me after the ride and's not charged. Oh well...I often look better in mental pictures anyhow! We let Zach play a few games, like pulling plastic duckies from a water pond, and then we shared a funnel cake. OK, shared might not be the best description of me scarfing down 3/4 of the cake while Zach and Wayne shared a 1/4 of it, looking at me with alternating looks of wonder and horror! Alright...I'm exaggerating, but seriously I did eat most of it and it was delicious!
On Saturday it was off to the lake, and Zach surprised us by staying awake the entire hour and a half car ride down there. It was a beautiful day and even I managed to get some sun. I'd love to share photos of Zach playing in a baby pool with his cousin Jack with you...unfortunately the aforementioned camera was charging at the time. I'd also love for you to see Z practicing his golf swing with his Uncle Nick, chasing his grandma around, cuddling his Aunt Lisa, or watching his Daddy fish, but again...the camera was charging. O.K. O.K. don't give up just yet. I was able to capture some photos of Zach picking his first flowers:

And who was the lucky recipient of my son's first flower?
His Papa! Oh well! At least he gave me his second flower of the day.
Aside from our time spent frolicking outside, we all headed to an local arcade and carnival grounds. It was a lot of fun playing ski ball and watching Z take everything in. He even got involved in a game himself while Cousin Jack and Aunt CC played nearby:
He really got in to it after awhile:
So much so, that he applauded his own victory! I think he was a little surprised that he got tickets for rolling a ball. Hopefully he doesn't expect such treatment at home!
And finally one last shot...I mean what would a picture of a trip to the lake be without an image of Zach playing in the water there?
I know that wasn't exactly what you were expecting, but the lake was still a little too cold for Z's 1st swim, plus he needs some boat shoes before that happens!

Monday, May 18, 2009

The Curse of Being the 2nd child?

Ever since my appointment last week, when it was "too early" to hear the heartbeat, I have been anxious to get back to the doctor's to hear my sweet baby's 1st noises. Now you may wonder, why only a week? Were the doctors' concerned? The answer is no...I sort of manipulated them into the visit by saying I worked just up the street, and could I just stop in for a few minutes to hear the baby next week. Needless to say they were helpless against a desperate pregnant woman's pleas. So imagine my disappointment when I had to cancel this coveted appointment today.

I did so because my 1st sweet baby, was blessed to wake up with pink eye in both eyes! Upon a trip to the doctor(Super Dad took him, because Mom "had" to be at work for the 1st day of the students' final exam paper) it was discovered that Zach had the "triple crown". What I mean is that my little man not only had pink eye in both eyes, but a double ear infection, and a sinus infection. Oh did I mention he's cutting his two top molars and just got two more bottom teeth? I mean seriously, what a mess! Well, anyways, tomorrow is my day to be on sickie baby duty, and Wayne has an important meeting, so I canceled my doctor's appointment. I couldn't risk anyone else's health well Zach is still contagious, so baby #2 will just have to wait to be heard(and seen) till next week when I get my 1st sonogram. I just hope this isn't the beginning of 2nd child syndrome..,

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Hodge Podge!

When you don't post for days on end it really gives you a lot of material to work with. This week we played outside even though it was only in the 60's and went to a 30th b-day party for Uncle Mike. Zach also got to enjoy some time in the Bounce house our neighbors had for their daughter Sarah's birthday. I also took the sequel to my gender prediction you be the judge.

First I wanted to share some pics of Z in the yard playing in his sandbox/pool. It was much too cold for water, but Zach didn't seem to notice anything was missing:
He really gets a kick out of dancing around in his's not the safest thing I've ever seen, but it sure is entertaining!
After entertaining himself in Crabbie, he took off running across the yard. Destination unknown...or can you see what he's after?
How about now?

If you guessed Lennie's disgusting "outside" ball, that two seconds after this photo was taken found it way into my darling boy's mouth...well you were right! I think Zach's face in this picture is a riot! No, honey, I know it's not his most flattering shot, but he almost looks like an MLB pitcher gearing up for a fastball! (For the love of God Wayne, you need to stop watching the Yankees...I am actually starting to reference baseball lingo!)

Unfortunately I didn't remember to get any pictures from our Friday evening of watching Jack,or of Mike's birthday, because I forgot my camera, but Z had a great time both nights. He really enjoyed dancing at the party with his cousin and grooving with all the young ladies. I really enjoyed spending some QT with my nephew who is growing up way too fast. I can't believe that Jack is going to be 3 in August and that my other nephew Jason is graduating from Kindergarten next month! Where does the time go?

Speaking of time...I hope we move in the next ten years, otherwise Zach is headed for heartbreak. I think he is in love already with my neighbor Sarah and she is too old for him. She just celebrated her 6th birthday! I can only imagine Zach finding any excuse to head over there when he is 12 or 13, to be around the cute redheads next door! (Did I mention Sarah has a sister who is turning 9 in the fall?) Anyways...Dad took Zach over to the bounce house for some post party jumping. He really enjoyed it, but I think Zach's favorite part was getting to spend time with the girls! He is just so fascinated by big kids...which include his dad of course!

After Zach got used to the bouncing... he decided to try out his own high flying act...with a spotter of course!

Just look at this face...doesn't it just "scream" happiness!
Which brings me back to something that makes me want to scream... I am a little frustrated because even on round two of testing my results seem unclear. Here is my 2nd intelligender test:
Here's the shot that confuses me:
But... in the end Wayne and I decided that for now...we will read the final result as:
A prediction that if it comes true will give a lot of ladies I know something to scream about! (Mom, Alice...I know you are both secretly routing for that 1st granddaughter...hopefully it's in the cards...if not from me, then from someone else soon!)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Is It Friday Yet?

For some reason this week just seems to be dragging on. Even though it's Wednesday I'm beat and ready for a little QT time with my family. Somehow in the rush of work, making dinner, eating dinner, and bedtime we don't get a lot of down time. I really relish the times when we are playing in the yard, or shopping together, or even hanging out in the family room. Life can seem so complicated when really it is so simple.

For example, here I am writing this post about how I wish the week would fly by, and suddenly from across the hall I hear this little voice calling "Mama", he says it once, twice, three times. He's calling for me. So of course I rouse my exhausted self from the comfort of the computer chair to see what the little rugrat needs. There he is in the tub, calling "Mama" (Dad was on lifeguard duty) I walk in and the biggest smile spreads across his face, revealing his adorable dimples, and my Zach, says to me "Hiya". He is so proud, beaming really, because he's realizing now that he can impact the world, call people and they'll come, say names and be heard. I just relish watching him achieve. Life doesn't get any better than this. So... maybe I'm just a little bit glad it's still Wednesday! A pic from the of the first time Zach's dimples brightened my day!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Some Memories of My Mom

My entire life I have known I was loved. That is truly an amazing feat and it isn't one that belongs to me, or to my husband or even to my heartbeat, my son. The credit for that momentous achievement falls squarely on the shoulders of my Mom. There is not a memory I have, even the ones where I got in trouble, that I don't remember knowing 100% that my mother would move heaven and earth for my joy. I can't tell you adequately what I feel for my Mom, because honestly I have been searching my whole life for the way to show her or tell her how I feel, and in the last 30 years, I've always fallen short. I've finally realized that I may never be able to truly convey the swell in my heart I get when I think of my Mom or the sheer love I feel every time she hugs me, so I will share with you a few of the memories that have made my life so very sweet because I was blessed to be her daughter.

An early memory- I can clearly remember that my Mom loved to play with us. She was always running in the yard with us, enjoying tea parties with my sister and I and make believing the days away. Although the memories blur together I have one that sticks out. When I was around 3 or 4 I was always having nightmares about witches. I don't really know why I was so fixated on them, but I was convinced they lived under my bed and the couches. My room had this Disney characters wallpaper and while is was great in the day, at night all I could see was a million eyes staring at me. I remember that I could call out at anytime and my Mom would come running. She was never angry at me, or called me silly, she was always protective. She would climb in next to me and talk to me gently and tell me that there was nothing to be scared of, she would never let anyone hurt me. I always felt such peace listening to her tell me how no one could get me and that she would always be there. In fact that is what I remember most in my early years...knowing she was always there, always ready to be my playmate, my champion, my Mom.

Growing up- I remember that I was always very clingy to my Mom. I liked to be hugged and kissed and to sit on her lap. I was her "baby" after all and I took full advantage. One of the most poignant memories I have of when I was seven/eight was one evening when I had tried to stay the night at a friend's house, but decided last minute I didn't want to stay. I left a dark cold house, they wanted me to go to sleep at 8, to return to my own, brimming with light, laughter and warmth. I was so glad that my Mom had come back to get me, no questions asked that I sat in her lap and let her stroke my hair. A habit she had when we were little that we loved. I remember being overwhelmed with this desire to stay in that moment forever. I knew in that instant that I didn't want to grow up, that I wanted to be that little girl forever, stay with her forever. I looked at her and said "Mom, I want to stay like this forever." She patiently asked me what I meant and I exposed my fears that I felt like time was slipping by too fast, that I wasn't going to be little enough much longer to sit on her lap. She looked at me with her gorgeous blue eyes, that always have comforted me, and explained that she had felt that way too, that she had told her Mom the same thing years ago, and that even though I would get bigger, I would never be too big to hold. She even said I could sit on her lap when I was forty if I wanted to and she wouldn't mind, because I would always be her baby and time would never change that. She also told me that I needed to grow up though, because one day I would be a Mommy and my child would need to feel loved like I was. I think of that moment a lot at night when I rock my son to sleep and I pray that he one day feels that moment of contentment he could live in as a child. I know that my childhood was blessed because I really would have stayed in that moment. I knew then, as I know now, that my Mom was one of the wonders of my life.

Teen memories- The adolescent years are tough on most mothers and daughters, but truthfully they were unifying times for me and my Mom. We spent a ton of time together in those years, and I learned to appreciate my Mom not only for her unconditional love, but her wit and wisdom. Some of my favorite memories are days that my mom allowed us to take "mental health days." We would get up head to the mall, the movies, or to lunch and the three of us (My Mom, my sister and I) would just talk. We really talked too, about everything from boys, to friends, to what was going on in school, and most importantly about what we felt. I never felt like I was going to say the wrong thing, or have my Mom throw something in my face, because she listened at a time that a young girl needs to feel heard. I listened too...which is probably why I didn't endure as many pitfalls as some of my peers. I knew that what my mom shared with us during this time was always honest, sometimes too honest, and came from a place of love and hope. We were growing up, but she never allowed us to grow apart. I am so awed at how she managed to transverse these years with the patience and understanding she did. It must not have been easy to watch your little girls playing at becoming women. Lord help me when Zach is a teen!

My 20's- Great times, great memories. I was the only one left at home and I took full advantage. My parents and I became great friends and confidants and I know them as people as well as my parents. My Mom and I became as thick as thieves and we realized that we genuinely liked each other as well as loved each other. My mom supported me through a devastating break up, brought me back to myself, she pushed me to open my mind, which is how I ended up with my husband, and she supported me as I took two great strides. First, the day I became a wife, and more recently the day I became a Mom. Both of those moments were complete because she was a part of them. Seriously...I could go for a million years telling you adventures we've been on, funny stories, serious heart to hearts, but I'll restrain myself.

Today- My mother continues to endure as one of the most encompassing forces in my life. I value her guidance, her support and her friendship everyday. She continues to sacrifice of herself and her time, by watching my son for me weekly, and with as much dedication as she gave to us. I am wonder struck that I have a Mom like I do, so giving, and so passionate about her family. I truly hope that 30 years from now, my son looks at me with half of what I feel in my heart for my Mom, because that would be a remarkable achievement. I know that growing up kids love to buy their Mom those cheesy #1 Mom coffee mugs at school, but seriously folks...that spot is already taken, and it always will be, at least in my heart!

I love you Mom...thank you for showing me that love is not the grand gestures but the enduring of time, and that love is not shown in a moment, but in all the little memories of our lives. Happy Mother's Day!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Blog Slacker

I apologize for my blogging absence this last week. On Tuesday I took the day off, on Wednesday I was out late watching "A Chorus Line" with my Mom, and yesterday I went to bed at 7 p.m. Seriously, I actually went to sleep for the night! I don't know if that is just pathetic or pregnant? Either way, I am refreshed and ready for a blog this evening.

Nothing all together too exciting happened this week. We spent some time outdoors, a lot of time playing and dancing, and Z even learned some new words. According to my Mom Zach is now saying "cheese". We have also been perfecting "tree" this week and "outside". Neither of these words sound quite clear, but when Zach adds the hand gestures you can really pull it together. Here he is looking "outside":

No that's not a rain storm...Dad was outside hosing down a rainbow sprinkle accident. Apparently letting a one year old play with a container of sprinkles while you try to make dinner is not exactly the best game plan. Oh and learn right! Here Zach is telling me he wants to go "outside"
When he realized that "outside" was not an option, he decided to entertain himself with a new game. It was his own version of a maze, and I love how his camouflage pants highlight the "army crawl" he demonstrated.

This last picture is when Zach decided he was done having his picture taken so he distracted me by coming in for a kiss and then grabbed the camera. I guess picture time was officially over! Oh well...if my mother's taught me anything it's that you must ALWAYS make time for pictures. Don't worry Mom Zach is learning...give it time just give it time. :)

Monday, May 4, 2009

Intelligender- Hit or Miss?

Awhile ago a friend told me about an at home gender prediction kit she had bought for "fun" while she was pregnant. It turned out that the test worked for her! So this time around I thought,"Oh how fun, I'll get two tests just to be sure of the results, and then I'll see if it's a sham or for real." Well the website claims that the test is 90% accurate, and so far, I can't speak to that at all. What I can tell you is that I took a test this weekend and the results were not as clear cut as I thought they would be. I decided to hold off and take the 2nd test in a few weeks to compare the results. Now feel free to weigh in on whether you would read this test as a "boy" or a "girl" result. So which color do the contents match up to? More right or left?
Here is the one side:
Here is the other:

Confused yet? The web site says that a boy result should be a dark smokey green. I know this doesn't really look super green, but there is a hintof green don't you think? For now Wayne and I decided that girl was the winner...but who knows...only time and a sonogram can tell.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

My Snapple Sweetie!

Looks refreshing doesn't it? I know which is why I have been craving some sweet lemon flavored ice tea! A few days ago Wayne ran in to the convenience store by our house to pick up some milk, I begged him to buy me a Lemon flavored Snapple ice tea. Ten minutes later, Wayne emerged,annoyed by some woman who apparently was holding up the line, with a bag in hand. As we were pulling out of the parking lot, I reached in to grab my ice cold beverage only to find that the bag did not have an Snapple inside at all. I innocently asked, "Did you forget something?" as a look of horror and surprise registered across Wayne's face. The man literally gasped "Oh...I forgot...I'll turn around I am so sorry!" I assured my darling husband that I would survive without it, and to forget it. No big deal. Well today I went out to lunch with some friends at the OG(my 3rd time there this month, I am actually a little sick of it at the moment) and when I returned I found the sweetest surprise waiting for me. Not only had my sweetie gone shopping with our son on his own (a feat even I do not enjoy), but he had purchased a case...yes a case of some delicious Snapple ice tea for me! He even bought a bow and put it on the case, and had three bottles chilling in the fridge. For a pregnant woman, this is romance, and I can honestly say one of the sweetest memories I'll keep on those days I want to strangle this very same man. I mean how could Wayne have known that even the OG didn't have sweetened ice tea and I had met with that disappointment just a few hours before? He didn't. He just remembered...well me! What more can you ask of your partner in crime than to think about you just because and buy you a Snapple or two to satisfy your cravings. Needless to say, it's just a beverage, but I feel like a very lucky lady to be blessed with this man! Now if you'll excuse me...all this talking has made me thirsty...I think I'll go enjoy my ice tea!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

A May Day B-Day!

My darling husband Wayne's birthday was yesterday and it was a great day. We celebrated, just the three of us with dinner out at one of our favorite Mexican restaurants. The fact that I like Mexican food at all is a shock to those who grew up with me, but as I've gotten older, I've learned that chicken fajitas are a beautiful thing! I couldn't resist taking a few pics to commemorate the occasion, but we are having a family gathering today, so I am sure there will be more to come. Here are my boys:
Here's one of Zach "eating" his food. Although by this time Z had started smashing his food up he really did enjoy quite the feast:
And the fun didn't stop there, look how happy these two are playing on the way to the car:
And one a little closer to capture the dimples:
Happy Birthday my love! I am so glad I get to spend all the rest of your birthdays with you, and that little guy on yours shoulders .