Thursday, July 15, 2010


Tomorrow we close on the house. We have quite the busy moving schedule in the next few days, so please forgive my sabbatical once again. I will try to blog again when I get a chance, hopefully sooner rather than later.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

All I want for Christmas is my...

TWO FRONT TEETH of course!

In the last 3 days Matt has cut not only his 1st tooth, but his 2nd as well. I know many babies get teeth well before they are 7 1/2 months, but it is pretty exciting news around here.

Matt has taken his new teeth and started testing them out, feeding himself the crust of our pizza...

Matt's new found teeth are gaining notice with his brother as well. Zach has been having some first moments right along with Matt.

This is the first time that Zach has asked to hold Matt without prompting, and also asked to give him his bottle. There is something so funny about a 34 pound toddler trying to feed his 23 pound baby brother:

Zach even thought Matt should lay down and watch TV with him. Apparently once you have teeth, the Backyardigans are sweet! (I am sure I will have a few more of these lazing around photos in the years to come, you know, like their teen years!)

And since Matt has been eating more with his new teeth, he suggested that he get some exercise and go for a swim in Grandma and Papa's pool for the 1st time. He was a little hesitant at first, but once he got over the shock of the colder than bath water temp, he wore an expression of wonder, I wouldn't say he was giddy about the whole thing, but then again, who really likes to exercise?It has been a very "big" week around here. We may even be closing on the house as early as Friday...I will keep you posted. (hey that is sort of a pun isn't it?)

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Continuing the Q and A's...

One of my other loyal readers Chelsi from a great blog, The Washington Weedons asked me three questions that I am going to try to answer all in this one post.

First up- What does your husband do?

Well without being too specific, my husband is an outside sales rep for a building industry manufacturer's company. What does that equate to? A lot of time on his phone, in his car, a lot of talking and paperwork, a lot of hours. In some ways I wish it was a 9-5 job, but trust me, that is not how my husband works. He is a workaholic, he actually likes his job even though it tries and sometimes succeeds in taking over his life. He operates on all cylinders all the time, taking phone calls, pages, emails whenever they show up even if it is 10 pm. My attitude, "let them wait", his attitude, "If I don't answer the next sales rep will." I think I balance him in some ways, forcing him to try to breath, try to realize that no matter what the pay or accolades, it is after all a job and not a life. The fact that he gets that, makes the time to be with our boys, and truly be present with us for part of each day, is what I value far more than the possessions and perks he provides us with. (Don't get me wrong though, I do love beautiful things and feel blessed to have a man in my life that works so hard to give them to me and our children) So what does my husband do? Everything he can, with all that he is, all the time! Love you honey, now go relax!

What sort of music do I listen to?-

I am eclectic at best in my musical choices. I love classic rock, country, pop, most things but rap and heavy metal. You never know if you'll find The Rolling Stones, Patsy Cline, Taylor Swift, Elton John, The Foo Fighters,The Black Crowes Cds of musicals, or Dave Matthews blaring on my radio. I love love songs, the sappier the better, and have been known to cry in my car often while listening. I love songs that make me want to get up and go, and songs that let you feel the emotions. I am pretty open to music, and try to give all things a shot, although I am not a person who is constantly surrounded by it. I have no IPOD, I do not often listen to the radio. I find a lot of times now, if I can I'd prefer silence to the pounding of beats in my head....I guess its because I listen to a lot of pounding of little feet around me all day long.

Do I still live in the town I grew up in?

Yes. I would say I spent 30 yrs out of my nearly 32 years in the same zip code. I am not adventurous when it comes to leaving home or jetting off to live in other parts of the country. All the people I love, or at least 95% of them live within a 20 mile radius of me. I can't see home being anyplace but near the family I was born into and married into surrounding me.

Well Chelsi, thanks for the questions. I hope I answered them all.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

A Third Baby?...

Don't freak out...I am not pregnant but, Jen asked me in her comments, Do you and Wayne plan to have any more babies? Of all of her questions this is perhaps the most complex one to answer. Let's start at the beginning.

I am the youngest child of three. I have had the pleasure of having an older brother who always protected me, looked out for me, terrorized me...wait how did that slip in there, and of course did and still does anything for me. I also have an older sister who was and is my best friend, watched out for me, fought with me(hair pulling style) and helped nurture me into the woman I am today. With that said....I feel a kinship to the number three...I always have, it is afterall my favorite number. What would my family have been if I had never come into it? What would my sister and brother be like, had I not been part of their lives?

That said, growing up I wanted 4 kids, 2 boys, 2 girls, then everyone would have the benefit of a same sex sibling. I guess I always felt a little bad for my bro that neither Lisa or I could understand him on that guy level. We did our best in the early years, playing Transformers, Matchbox cars, and Wrestlemania, but we never really could be the brother I think he always wanted. Later in life, he would find that "brother" in his best friend Kevin. I think the day I found out I was having a 2nd boy my brother was the most excited in the whole family. Maybe a part of him was really glad for Z that he was going to get a brother, I know I harbored hopes, and still do, that my boys will grow into being the best of friends one day.

Sometime over the course of growing up I shaved off the number of kids, from 4 to 3. I knew that in these economic times it wasn't pratical to have 4 children. I began to think I could do more for 3, give them more, spend more time with them ect. So in my heart I've carried the number 3, thinking that was the perfect number, the number of kids I have always associated with. Enter Wayne.

I very distinctively remember a moment in our dating life, about 6 months in, when Wayne and I went on a walk through his neighborhood. We talked about our jobs, our families and our hopes for the future. I was always very upfront that one day I wanted kids(3), and Wayne was a little hesitant on the idea of having any, or particularly more than 1. At one point on that walk Wayne turned to me and said, "I've given it some thought, and I think as long as we are financially stable, we might be able to have two kids someday." I guess I remember that moment, because Wayne has been true to his word,then and now. He is logic where I am emotion. That day I felt a small victory...we were 2/3rds of the way to my dream family.

The thing is the operative word there is "my" dream family. Wayne has told me a hundred times that two is it. I understand, he wants to be able to give the boys more, travel, have time with each other, end the baby phase in a few years and enjoy what we've built. The logical part of me gets that, even agrees most days when the boys are running me ragged and I think, "Why would I want to add to this mayhem?" And yet a 3rd...well I don't know. I do know that it would take a miracle to get Wayne on board for a 3rd, and I'm not a pretend I made a "mistake" kind of girl, so I guess that leaves me waiting on the miracle conversation where Wayne finally says, "Sure Am, we can afford three, it sounds like a plan!" I am pretty sure that day will probably not come, but I still dream sometimes it will(Not any day soon, because right now, I think I would panic if I found out I was know like lose my sh*t style freakout).

I am also a thinker, a person who needs to analyze things, what will happen, could happen. I know that the next thing I write will enrage some people, make them think I am an unappreciative brat and that I am horrible for putting this into words. I have asked myself a million times over, "Do you really want a 3rd child, or do you just want a daughter?" (Please forgive me ladies if you or anyone you know has ever struggled to have one healthy child, I do not mean to seem unappreciative of my blessings.) This is a question I can't answer today. I know that I love my sons, I wouldn't trade them for all the girls in the world, and that each of them was sent to me from God for very significant reasons, but I will not sugar coat it...I want a daughter. As bizarre as it sounds, it never occurred to me I wouldn't have one, and that realization is a bitter pill to swallow. It is probably one you can only understand if you have no daughter, and your best friends are your female blood relatives like your Mom and sister, maybe you can only understand it if you are me. However, I would never have another child just to try to have a girl, because the truth is if I was fortunate enough to have a 3rd healthy baby boy I wouldn't want to feel disappointment, even for a second. Somehow being the only woman in a family of 5 seems overwhelming even for me, so as of today, I would say I am on the fence about a 3rd. I guess I am waiting, hoping for a push in one direction or another. I keep hoping for an epiphony, a moment where I look across the dinner table and know in my heart that my whole family is there. So far, I haven't had that moment, so the number 3 floats in my mind, it may stay there, floating away for the next 50 years. For now I feel very grateful that I have my boys, and equally important that they have each other. Don't think for a moment that I don't know how truly lucky I am.

Whew Jen, that was a tough one~ How about you? Does anyone else out there struggle with the "perfect" number of kids for their family?

A destination my sons must see...

Since I opened up my Q&A session, Jen from was kind enough to join in and ask me a few questions. In fact a few months ago, Jen had a little Q&A's on her blog and I really enjoyed reading her responses. Jen, I think you inspired me!

Jen asked me a few questions, and I will get to everyone of them, but I will start with the one that I asked her a month ago, and she kindly returned the favor.

Question: What is your favorite vacation destination? Is there one place you think your boys have to visit in their lifetime? Any special trip you would like to take them on?
What is your favorite vacation destination?

I should begin by saying that I have been extremely blessed when it comes to traveling. As a kid my parents took us to Disney five times at least, on three cruises, to California, we also saw a lot of sites by motor home(Myrtle Beach, Virgina Beach), and they have given us a great little cottage on the lake. In my adult life I have traveled to Vegas(my parents took us there too), to Hawaii, Jamaica, Hilton Head, The Bahamas, Cape Cod and The Outer Banks. I have been blessed. Of all of these places, I don't really have a favorite! Its actually the people I travel with that make it my favorite trip. There is always beauty to see, but it only seems important when you have the people you love surrounding you and sharing in it. I like places that blend relaxation with education/adventure, and I love vacation food. I mean when else can you justify eating out for days on end?

Is there one place you think your boys have to visit in their lifetime? also happens to be a trip I have yet to make. I think my sons must travel to Europe, and beyond if possible at some point in their lives. America is a relatively young nation, and I want them to see history, The world's, their family's beginnings. For that reason I would love for them to head to Greece

I mean when you think history you can't help but think about Greece:
Of course I'd want them to see London, England

and Paris,France on their trip: I'd want them to stop and take in the castles and countryside of Ireland, my grandmother's homeland:

They may end up stopping in Germany, and Poland as well. I know I would if given the chance, but of all the places I want them to see in Europe, I would choose for them to head to Italy, the place that my Papa and Grandma came from, a country that is rich in beauty and culture, and is filled with artistic treasures. I would want them to venture to Rome:

To Venice:

And of course to Tuscany:

I dream of heading to Italy one day myself, and I know in my heart that I want my sons to see the beauty of that country.

If I could pick just one more place for them to see, I would wish for them to see Egypt(I know it is not in Europe). When you think of historic significance and beauty, these visions float in my head:
They may not make it on all of these trips, but I feel they need to make it to at least one of these places in their lifetime.

Any special trip you would like to take them on?
This might sound cliche, but if they never see another castle in their life, I vow I will take them to see this one:

Because if push came to shove, I think I would have to say some of my favorite vacations were the ones we took to Disney World. I love it there, and I always feel like I have come home when I visit. There is such magic in walking the streets with so many of your childhood "Friends" like these guys:I can only imagine how much Z and Mattie(and Wayne, whose never been) will love their trip almost makes me giddy just thinking about it.

Well I will be sure to keep answering Jen's questions, but feel free to join in, if you have anymore for me.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Who are the people in your neighborhood?

Well in about a week and a half we'll once again be neighbors! Our closing date is set for Friday the 16th and we are psyched! I can't believe how quickly the last month and a half has flown, and in a way I will miss my Wednesday night girls night with my Mom(Wayne plays hockey, so we rented chick flicks). You are always welcome Mom to come to my house and watch chick flicks, whether or not Wayne has hockey! I have to say I will also be sad to leave the pool and spa behind, since it has been so freakin' hot the last few days. I can't believe that Zach is now swimming with only swimmies on his own in the big pool...just a few weeks ago he wouldn't leave the steps of the "spot" aka. the spa. Our 4th was lovely, we went to the lake, you can kind of get a recap by looking at the pictures in my header. I love the lake, even though I don't stay over. Call me crazy but 5 dogs, and 12 people (four under the age of 4) is not exactly my ideal overnight destination. Maybe I am spoiled, ok, I am, but even though I refuse to shower there, I really do have great memories of the 4th's I've spent there, and I am sure my kids' will too.

Since pictures are sometimes a lot more interesting than words, here are a few:

Home Sweet Home almost...

My master excited:

A view of the lake:

A few people I know and LOVE in my neighborhood:

Best friends and cousins:

Since I realize that I have been neglectful, at best, to my readers, and since I am gearing up to let people know about me, I wanted to give you the opportunity to ask me any question you want. Just post a comment and ask away.