Tuesday, May 31, 2011

What makes a great Memorial Day weekend?

This face:

And this face:

As they play together:
Not to mention great food, gathering with friends and family, and of course those servicemen and women who are there to protect us all. You know people like this guy, who really is just a kid at heart:
We hope you enjoy the holiday as much as we did!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Farewell to Oprah...

I know it is a little pathetic that this post is a week and a half since my last one, and that my topic of choice is Oprah. Many of you may love the show and feel the same sense of loss that I am feeling, and others of you might be like, oh well...at least Ellen's still on. Wherever you lie in the Oprah spectrum of love or hate, you have to admit 25 year of doing anything that sucessfully is impressive. I always wanted to go to Chicago and see a show. I kept thinking one day, but I guess I didn't plan on the fact that the show would end before the one day came. I know that there is always the OWN network, but to be honest, I don't have time for a network. I just like the comfort of having an old friend in my family room everyday at 4. Ok...I have had to DVR the last 3 years, but you get my drift. There is something sad about the end of anything, even if they hype it up as a new beginning. Just some thoughts. I will miss the show, what about you?

On a completely separate note, what is with stupidity these days. On my way home from work I saw a restaurant's sign that read, "Busy tonight? Lettuce deliver to you!" I mean seriously, Lettuce? I might think they were trying to make a pun if the restaurant had been a salad bar, but it wasn't. It's a sad state of affairs in the literary world these days. Trust me, I know, I am surrounded with papers that could use some revision!

Speaking of papers...that's where I have been. Its the end of the year crunch time, and I still have 75 papers to grade, so time is a bit consumed at the moment. The boys are doing well, enjoying the few days of sun we've had...althought its hard to complain when so many families are suffering due to tornados and storms. We are gearing up for Matt's surgery next week, and a fun filled summer, hopefully free of ear infections and pain. I hope all of you are doing well.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Update- An accident, a recovery, and of course an ear infection!

This past week was full of some major pitfalls. Lennie's accident at the groomer was a terrible start to a few upsetting events around these parts. On Thursday, Wayne was in a car accident. A woman just decided to turn left into a gas station and cut across four lanes of traffic. Unfortunately, Wayne was in the far right lane, and instead of turning into the gas station, she turned into my husband instead. Fortunately, everyone walked away from the accident, even though my darling husband has been in pretty bad pain ever since. A dr's visit, some steroids and muscle relaxers later, he is still a little out of sorts. Its terrible seeing him in pain, because my usually energetic husband is moving like a snail these days. I hope you keep feeling better and better honey!

Lennie has been recovering at home since Thursday afternoon. He looks a little ridiculous because 1/2 of his body is shaved, and the other half looks long. Most importantly, his tongue is healing, and aside from a soft food diet, and me keeping him from rigorous activity and chew bones, he is doing well. The groomer actually said she would take care of the vet bills which is good, but in my opinion also fair. I do have to say, neither Lennie or I will ever being going back there again though!

And finally, on Saturday, I took Matt to the Dr's just to be looked at. My Mom had said he was whiny and pulling at his ear on Wednesday. On Thursday, he was supposedly fine according to daycare , but a bit clingy Thursday night. By Friday I knew he was headed south, so an appt was made. Sure enough Matt has his 6th ear infection in just over 3 months. I was hoping to get my answer that I was doing the right thing getting him tubes, and now I have an answer...it just wasn't the one I wanted. Matt is now on an antibiotic till his surgery June 2nd. I am super anxious, but he is fortunately unaware!

So that is what is new in our lives. Hopefully my posts this week will be a little, ok a lot more, cheerful.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

One for the record books...

Today has not been a good day. It has been a scary and hectic one. If I hadn't just gone through it I probably wouldn't believe it myself.(If the sight of blood makes you queasy this is not the post for you)

See this:

and this:

That is nothing compared to what we saw today. You see this little guy:

That blood, is from his tongue! Yes I said tongue!

Today we took Lennie's to a different groomers since his current groomer was booked until June. He was really getting straggly and it was really get hot, so we made the appointment. Apparently, at one point they tried to shave his face...this is strange in and of itself, but when he freaked out, they decided to switch to scissors. Then the unthinkable happened, somehow Lennie's tongue got sliced by the scissors. So his tongue started to bleed...a lot. I am so ticked at this place because they didn't even call us to tell us. Wayne went to get Lennie and was told Lennie couldn't go home right then. They were trying to get the bleeding to stop. Wayne saw Lennie and the bleeding started right up again. For whatever reason, he followed the groomer's advice and said he would be back to get him in a few hours. When I found out I freaked. I mean seriously blood, scissors, tongue...my poor baby. My thought was I have to get him to the vet. So out of school I stormed, destination Lennie. I arrived at the groomer's only to find that no one was there. I was livid. Here was my dog injured and they'd just left him alone. I made an angry phone call, telling someone to come and let me get my dog, and the lady told me she was in a bind because she had just gotten out of the shower. Could I come back at 3! NO WAY...you live 25 feet from the place. Get dressed and get me my dog. I didn't say that, but I did say, get someone here to get me my dog, he has a vet apt, and I left work to get him. She did send some one, but it took her 20 minutes to get there. By the time I got to Lennie I was so worked up. He looked ok. He had blood on his face, and on his paws, and I could see the blood in the cage he had been in. I just wanted to get him out of there.

Unfortunately, they wanted their money and all I had was a debit card. They wouldn't give me my dog until I paid them for butchering his tongue. I rushed home(5 minutes away) got a check and returned for my pet. The lady there assured me that she had raised a bunch of dogs, that he was fine, that the bleeding had stopped, and that all was ok. I wanted to believe her, but more than anything I just wanted to get out of there. Lennie was so happy to get to the car, and seemed in such good spirits, I called the vet and said I was going to take a wait and see approach...BIG MISTAKE!

We were home for 40 minutes when I noticed the drops of blood across my kitchen floor, on my rugs, and all over Lennie's face. I started to panic, so the vet was called, a trip with all four of us was made. One of us needed to hold Lennie's bleeding mouth while the other drove. We arrived and that is when things went from bad to worse.

Lennie must have gotten excited or nervous to be there and that blood just started flowing. By the end of waiting in the waiting room for 5 minutes, there was basically a puddle of blood drops surrounding me. By the time we saw the Dr. Lennie's exam room look like something out of CSI. It was scary. I hate that I couldn't help him. I hated that he'd been hurt, and I hated that he was freaked out.

As soon as the Dr. walked through the door he looked at me, the blood covered floor and at Lennie's bloody face, and said,"Well this isn't right is it?" I was so relieved that Lennie was finally in the right hands that I started to relax. That was until the Dr said, "Well this is really difficult to get to close up, mostly because of a dog's activity. He needed to sedate Lennie, and then assess if he would have to stitch up his tongue. "Lennie" he explained "Will be staying the night with me." Break my heart, my dog has never been away overnight unless it was to a relatives house. I was devastated, but I knew he needed help.

I am happy to report that Lennie is doing better. Last I heard he'd come out of sedation and was up and active. The Dr. said that so far the cut has coagulated, but that it will need to be watch till at least tomorrow afternoon. Supposedly this 4 mm cut, which wasn't quite long enough to stitch bleed so much because it nicked a vein in his tongue. He will be alright, unfortunately, he may just lose a little piece of his tongue. My poor sweet natured Lennie. Please say a prayer for him tonight, that he is home tomorrow, safe and sound.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

A Mother's Day Shout Out!

Life is in fast forward these days, but I wanted to hop on and say Happy Mother's Day to all the fabulous ladies in my life! I have been fortunate enough to have two presents made for me this year, and a third given by my husband so I can finally display some photos of my adorable family on the wall. I can't wait to share all the news of today, but I just wanted to take a moment and say;

Mom you inspire me. Truly you do. You always have and always will. When I think of what it means to be a great mother I think of love. I have always known you loved me, more than yourself at times, and I have always known you were looking out for me. I can't tell you what it means to have someone love you the way you loved me, except to say, think of the way you loved Grandma and than add a little more :)

Lisa- Thanks for being my sister, but also the first one to enter into motherhood. You have been such a rock of support while I faced some really difficult choices about what to do. I know I always judge you and then say I'm sorry, but when it comes to you as a Mom, you are just as magical to them as you've always been to me.

Alice- I know we can't choose our mothers, but we do choose our mother in laws, and you have always been such a warm and loving friend to me. I hope you know how special you are to me and how happy I am to have you in my life.

My sister in laws. All of you are such remarkable woman. I think each of you show such great marks of motherhood. Lisa you are a tiger mom- always an advocate for your son, and always willing to put your all into everything. It has been a pleasure to watch you nurture. Olivia- you are so open-hearted and enduring. You put your faith into the world, and it brought you Grant. I am so happy this year you get to officially celebrate your role as Mom! Cheryl- you are a powerhouse of compassion. You will go above and beyond for the people(and animals) you love, and that is what will make you such a wonderful Mom. Leah and Bella are lucky little pups to have you to take care of them.

To Great Grandma Helen- Happy Mother's Day. We are so happy that you are feeling better and feel fortunate to have you in our lives.

To My Aunts and Cousins- WOW! You ladies have been such great guides throughout my life, and more so since I've become a mother. You always take the time to make me and my children feel so loved!

Penny- Happy 1st Mother's Day! It has been so great watching you with your daughter and seeing your dream realized!

To my Babycenter girls- You have all been such a comfort every time I've had questions or concerns, and you have all become such wonderful friends. I have cherished sharing in your stories and lives, and have loved watching and talking about how our families have grown. Thank you for being such wonderful people, who are all wonderful Moms.

I know I didn't touch on all of you, but to my readers who are Mom, or future Moms, enjoy this day.

One Final thank you to the two little boys whose birth gave me the title. I swear I will give my all everyday to make sure its a title I truly deserve. I love you Z and Mattie!

Happy Mother's Day!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Ears and Tubes...

First I want to say that tomorrow my amazing nephew Jason is having his 6th surgery. This little boy has been through a lot with his ears, and so has his Mom and Dad. Jay is going to have a surgery to rebuild his eardrum which has a hole in it, and it will be a loooong four hour wait for his folks. I know he is a trooper, and I know he will be fine, but please keep him in your thoughts and prayers.

On a less drastic note, but a bit overwhelming to me, it looks like Mattie will probably end up getting tubes this June. I am not shocked that the talented ENT recommended it-This Dr. also happens to be the one performing surgery on my nephew tomorrow-thanks again Lisa for pulling some strings :) I guess I just sort of hoped that it would all go away, but unfortunately Matt has had 5 ear infections in three months. I am extremely concerned that not taking steps to resolve the problem now could do more damage in the long run. Yet surgery is surgery, and it is so scary when its your 18 month old your talking about. For goodness sakes I'm 32 and I've never ever had surgery. Unless lasic at 25 counts!

I am sure Matt will be fine, and hopefully he exhibits some of that patience and courage that his big cousin has. I hope I can handle Matt's surgery with as much composure and acceptance as Lisa has all of Jays'.

Say a prayer for the boys in my family, and their precious ears!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

A tale of two cakes...

Today is Wayne's birthday. It was perfect because Wayne's day is Sunday(actually I say that because he loves football so much) and he turned 34 which has been his hockey number forever...or so it seems! It was actually a really rainy day here, but we did manage a few moments outside, some of which were quite literally moments.

I didn't get a present, because Wayne is tricky to buy for even though he'll say he isn't. I instead told him to pick something out and get it. So far he hasn't made up his mind, but I will guess it will either be golf related, hockey related, jersey related, or some new manly yard tool that will help clutter up the garage! Whatever it is honey, I hope you love it, I put a lot of thought into that gift ;)

There are so many reasons that its important to celebrate birthdays. One of them came over today bearing a very delicious white chocolate raspberry cake. Wayne's Mom came to celebrate with her baby, and all I was thinking was, in some way, maybe we should be giving her the cake...Remember I've been through labor and delivery twice! It was a lovely visit, and a delicious cake, but most importantly it reminded me of how far my husband has come from that little baby Alice held in her arms, to the man we are all blessed to still hold to today.

I mean look at my Three Amigos...and Lennie:

These boys adore their father, and so do I:
He laughs with us(and makes us laugh):
He snuggles with us(and lets us know we are loved):He provides for us, everything that he can (In this instance by serving up some cake!):He's there for important things, like words of advise, listening to stories, or teaching a three year old how to use chopsticks:

Today he listened to us sing to him:But the rest of the year...he does everything he can to make all of our wishes come true:So Honey:Happy 34th Birthday! I hope you enjoyed your two birthday cakes(I did hehe!), and I can't wait to celebrate each and every one of the next 34 with you! I love you!