Thursday, December 31, 2009

In 2010...

In 2010 so many exciting moments await. Looking back on 2009 I am struck with awe at all the developments my boys have made.

It was a year ago today that Zach took his first steps, and now he is a running machine, walking backwards on purpose, and jumping off the floor! He is verbally astonishing, finishing lines of books that he must know by heart, and singing the alphabet like a champ. He is speaking in sentences and making us laugh with his antics everyday, so much so I still can't believe that one year ago all he could say was Mama, Dada, Ball, and Baba!

Matt was developing in utero for most of 2009, and that in and of itself is a miracle. Looking at his sweet face everyday reminds me of the surprises that life has in store. Last year, at this time we had begun "talks" about getting pregnant again, but I wasn't aware of the fact that God had a beautiful brown eyed boy already picked out for us! What a wonderful year it has been getting to meet my baby boy and watch him smile for the first time! I cannot even imagine where he'll be next year at this time, but I am sure that he will be walking and trying to talk to his brother by then!

And of course there is my darling hubby whose hard work took me to Hawaii last January, and although it broke my heart to leave my Zach, those memories I will cherish always. This year my husband also supported me as I took an extended leave from my job, and has always validated my decision in that it is what is best for our sons and family right now. I have also watched him grow as a parent in the last year, opening his heart to another little life, and becoming a best friend to the first little man we created. I am astonished not only that he works harder every year to provide for us, but that over time he is becoming an even better father than he was in the beginning(and trust me he was no slouch, sharing feedings, and changing diapers, cleaning the house, and taking care of me the first time around too). Today I get a kick out of watching him rolling around with Zach, or snuggling with Matt on the couch, and I know that the future only holds more remarkable moments for these boys and their father.

So in 2010, I pledge that I will embrace life daily, that I will simplify when necessary, and that I will cherish the family I am blessed to have!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A Daredevil on my hands?

I have a very energetic 22 month old on my hands, all day every day! He is always rearing to go, so when my sister called the other day to ask if I wanted to take Zach to a play gym for kids, I was all about it. I packed him up, left Matt at home with Daddy, and we headed out to burn off some energy with cousin Jack. The boys had a great time bouncing in the bounce houses, even though picture taking wasn't an easy feat:

They also had fun taking turns driving this fancy race car, and pausing for their beverage of juice (If only we are so lucky in their teen years Li!)

The highlight/terrifying point of the trip came when I took Zach up on a big inflatable slide, even his 3 year old cousin was shy about going, but not my son, he wanted up and up quickly. We went on a few times together, and I thought that was the end of it...boy was I wrong!

After a few trips down the slide, Zach climbed up and I followed, he turned to me and said, "Momma no!" "What Zach you want to go up yourself?" I asked in awe, he said, "Momma, get down." So I did. I was in shock, but I got down. I turned to my sister and said,"He can't go alone, he'll get hurt!" She looked at me, smiled and said, "Let him go!", so I did, and to my surprise once he got to the top he went down on his own, with both dimples blazing. He loved it, although he liked to go down backward, who knows why. His antics on the slide, inspired his cousin Jack to seize the day, partially, at Zach's prompting, and then the two of them were sliding machines. It was a priceless moment in parenting, and I am so glad my sister was there to abate my fears. Sometimes you have to let your kids go because even if you think they aren't ready, they are.

Just look at my little daredevil go...

Don't worry Zach, I'll always be there waiting at the bottom, just in case you need a hand!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Recovery!

Sorry that it has taken me three days post Christmas to talk about the event, but I have used the time wisely. I have organized and unpacked the 1/2 of Toys R Us that Santa, and the Grandparents bestowed upon us this season. Don't get me wrong, I love presents, but even I was overwhelmed this year. Look at this, does this seem normal?

Yes that is a pile of gifts on the other side of the room, and we even had a "KOTA" dino for Zach over there too! What you don't see in this photo is the stack of gifts behind the tree that my parents brought for the boys Wayne and I, on Christmas Eve. Extravagant is the only word I can use to describe Christmas 2009!

It was a whirlwind of travel, to Wayne's Grandma's on Christmas Eve and then back to our house for our traditional late dinner. On Christmas we got up, opened our gifts, then headed to my brother and SIL's house for a delicious breakfast. We came home for nap time(everyone got one in except me, I was cooking potatoes) and then headed over to my MIL's house for dinner #1 which was great. After dinner we headed back home for a quick pit stop to feed Lennie and then ventured to my parents annual Christmas bash which includes both sides of my family which has grown to be almost 60-70 people. It is a big party, and it is always so fun to watch the kids run around together and take in their excitement. By 9:30 everyone in our family was fried, except for Matt who did a lot of sleeping throughout the day in various people's arms including Uncle Ryan and Aunt Cheryl who both got to finally hold him for the first time!

All in all it was a wonderful day and I was so thankful I was able to partake this year. In a way I got to share Christmas for the 1st time with both my boys, since last year I was so sick I didn't leave the house, or go near Zach. Matt was so peaceful and precious in his 1st Christmas outfits, and Zach was so much fun to watch. He was completely overwhelmed by gifts at the end of it, but he had a lot of fun seeing his cousins and unwrapping and playing with all of his new toys. He is just such a little man now, and by next year I won't have to tail him quite so closely. It was a beautiful holiday, and it only made me feel even more blessed that I have a husband who brightens the day by wearing ridiculous hats, and two sons whose dimples outshine any stars on the trees!

So here are some pictures from our travels:

Getting in the groove of opening presents:

Zach and Matt:

Zach, Matt and cousin Jay:

Playing with his trains:

Lennie and Z opening gifts:

Feeding Kota on Christmas morning:

Wayne modeling the Christmas hat from my folks:

The only picture of me taken on Christmas with my camera...the adorable baby in my arms is of course Matt:

Zach and cousin Jack working together to open gifts:

My Mom holding up the gorgeous quilt my sister made Matt:

Uncle Ryan and Matt meet for the 1st time:

The boys enjoying their Christmas dinner(Hotdogs and chips of course!):

My boys:

Aunt Cheryl and Matt:

My Mom saying goodnight:

The cutest little elf I know:

When the holiday was over, I packed up my tree with the aide of my darling hubby, and he put together one of the best gifts my parents could have bought me...a toy organizer from Pottery Barn. I just love it, and it helped a bit to organize the extravaganza of toys that the boys received this year.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

All Aboard the Christmas Train!

Did I mention my sons are spoiled? I mean it not in a they are obnoxious and greedy kind of way, but in that they are adored and showered with love and presents kind of way.

My parents dropped off "one" of Zach's Christmas gifts this year(it will be used by Matthew too very soon) so that Daddy could try to put it together before X-Mas Eve. Hopefully it will get done by then so that Grandma and Papa can take Zach into the basement to see his excitement tomorrow night. I know that Zach doesn't quite grasp the concept of Christmas this year, but trust me, he is going to be thrilled that he will have his very own train table and trains.

Of course my parents didn't just get him the table, but my mother dropped off two bags full of Thomas the Train toys, which Zach will just love. How do I know? Well one of his favorite places to be at Grandma and Papa's is upstairs in the playroom by the trains. Just look at all of these trains...I was overwhelmed and I am 31, so imagine a 22 month old's reaction!:

And here is the picture on the box of what the table will look like once it is put together.

With this toy in the basement, I better get used to spending even more time down there. I also better go dig out the conductor's hat my Dad got Zach last year for Christmas, I am sure he'll be using it daily now!

Happy Holidays everyone, I will probably be a little bit lazy in the posting department the next few days. I will be sure to hop on post Christmas to share pictures. Remember that the best gift of the season is spending time with your family and friends, and celebrating all that you believe!

Monday, December 21, 2009

A One Month Birthday!

I cannot even believe it, but my baby is already one month old! He is really the sweetest little boy and I am so looking forward to watching him come into his own. Today we were able to get in a little floor time because Zach was sleeping and Lennie was at the groomers. I took the time to capture some of Matt's moments as he played. What amazed me today as I watched him play and talked to him was that he could a) Focus really well on objects, b) was already reaching with his hands towards the objects above him, c) he was rolling back and forth, so much so I was a little worried he might make it all the way, d) that he can already lift his head to almost a 90 degree angle and finally e) that I get the opportunity to be his Mommy too! Needless to say I feel very lucky to have my boys in my life!

After his workout, Matt relaxed in the swing. So far he likes the swing, but he doesn't adore it quite the way Zach did. I had to get a few pictures of him in it though, because he looked so cute, and I swear in the last one he is actually smiling:

His big brother must have taught him how to show off his dimples when I wasn't looking...because as you can see that little man has got that skill down.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

An Early Explanation...

Over the next few days I will try to get on to blog about all the wonderful times we are having, but if I fail in my mission I want to apologize in advance. This past weekend has been hectic and I am sure the coming days will be even more so. There are so many great experiences to document like cookie baking and decorating, visits with family, Christmas parties, and shopping outings, so much that I don't even know where to start. I will try to recap later in the coming days. I hope that you and your families are enjoying these magical days together as much as we are.

P.S. I really like my hair!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Hair cut= Change of Life!

Have you ever noticed that when major events happen in a person's life they cut their hair? I mean this phenomenon may only occur in women, but it starts at a young age. Usually around puberty a young girl will demand a new hair-do signaling that she has come into adulthood. She'll cut off the long locks her Mom made her grow, or beg to have some highlights put my day it was a perm! Either way, this change in hair shows a change inside.

Throughout the years, a girl will alter her hair over and over; after a breakup, when she starts college, post weight-loss, after getting her first "real" job, when she gets engaged, the famous post-wedding cut, and off course after she has a baby. What's my point? Well obviously it is time for a new hairdo. I swear to you that I have neglected my hair badly in the last 9 months. In fact, I cannot even tell you when I last had a hair may have been last January, right before I went to Hawaii. (Note: vacations also warrant hair cuts/color changes in a woman's life)

After having Matt I looked in the mirror and thought...where did those stretch marks come from...and then looked a little higher at my wild mane of hair. I cannot recall the last time my hair was so reaches my mid-back, and it is frumpy. I figured I can't change my post-baby body as quickly as I would like to, but I sure as hell can cut my hair. So I have an appointment tonight and I super excited to shed some of this hair weight! Don't worry everyone I promise I won't go too crazy and come home with a buzz cut! That would just be too G.I. Jane, and only Demi could pull that off!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Santa Revisited!

Wayne and I ventured out with both the boys today to get some Christmas shopping done. Apparently when I thought I finished Christmas shopping in November, I forgot that their are some rather important adults that deserve nice gifts too! Anyways, we ended up at the mall,(yes, people did stare at me and act like I was a horrible mother for having a newborn at the mall, but truthfully the boy can't live in a bubble...I am about to take him gallivanting all over this holiday season, so I figured Matt was pretty safe in his bundle me car seat for an hour at the mall.), and while we were there we ran into Santa again.

Last Monday when we went to get our family photo done, I tried to get Zach to take a picture with Santa, but he wouldn't go within 3 feet of him. Zach was perfectly happy to talk to Santa and tell him,"Merry Christmas!" but he wanted nothing to do with being near this man in red. Today he was pretty excited to see his "old" friend and went over to talk to him. Fortunately another little boy was sitting on Santa's lap getting his picture taken, so Zach was a little more convinced that Santa was not dangerous. I asked Zach if he wanted to see Santa and he said,"Alright" and then if he wanted to get a picture with him and sit on his lap. He nodded, but I was not convinced. When it got to be our turn, Zach went in and struck up a convo with Santa...he was a little closer than last week, but no where near the lap/photo area. This Santa was no fool though...he had props. No it wasn't a candy cane (Thank God...flashback to bad photo moment) it was a wooden rocking horse, and if there is one thing Zach loves it is horses. We were able to get Zach up on the horse and smiling next to Santa, and this photo was taken:

Even though Zach didn't make it onto Santa's lap this year, he did grace us with this memento of his 2nd Christmas. I would have taken Matt out and put him with Santa, but truthfully, he was sleeping so peacefully I didn't want to wake him. Hopefully next year I can get a photo of my 1 yr old and almost 3 yr old sons together...and if Matt is anything like his brother at getting his picture taken I better start praying now that Santa has two rocking horses!!! :)

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Tell me...who do you think I look most like?

Ok. This post is purely for fun. I know that Matthew is 100% unique and his own person, but I just thought it would be interesting to get some comments from my loyal readers. That and I wanted to show off my new skill of learning how to scan pictures and put them on my computer( I know...its simple enough, but this was my 1st time!) I will post three pictures of three babies(all who are related to Matt..ok I admit it, it's Wayne, Zach and I) and you will hopefully post a comment on who you think he looks most like:

Here is a picture of little man Matt sleeping away:

And in a no specific order:

Baby A:

Baby B:

Baby C: what do you think?

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Our Pictures!

When I say that yesterday's picture outing was a nightmare...please believe me. I would love to go into detail about all the meltdowns that occurred, but I only have a few moments since my toddler thinks its my job to entertain him...and well it sort of is. What I will say is that it is amazing that any shots were taken of Zach with us that don't show his multiple tears and tantrums. I will say that right around the time Zach settled down,no crying but still running like a madman, Matt got hungry and cranky, so the pics I dreamed of getting of my two sons did not happen. We did get some pictures though that turned out pretty good in my opinion, especially considering the circumstances:

Here are our newest family photos...I am now working on the Christmas cards:

And here are some photos of just the boys:

I know, I know, looking at how happy Zach looks in the above photo, you can't believe our picture outing was that bad, you might even think I am just being dramatic, but trust me, I am not. Needless to say, Zach's 2 year pictures might be taken in the comfort of our own home.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Family Picture Day!

Tomorrow Wayne is taking a 1/2 day off of work and we are heading to get a family photo done for the holidays. While we are there, I plan on getting some shots of just the boys, and some of Matt and Zach on their own. I am very excited to have a picture of our family of 4! I hope that Zach is a little calmer this time around, his 18 month photos were impossible. How the photographer managed to get any shots that were not just a blur, still amazes me. I also need to get a photo for Matt's birth announcements, although I did think the one he took in the hospital turned out really cute. Hopefully tomorrow's shoot gives me some different options to choose from. Here is the picture of Matt that the hospital photographer took:

I think he is so beautiful...then again I am a little prejudice!