Monday, July 25, 2011

Just some pics of my cuties...

I have been horribly inconsistent about blogging which really isn't surprising since I've developed a bad habit of late. I have to blame the heat, and my laziness. It seems the weeks are just flying by and I haven't accomplished a list of goals I set for myself this summer. I'm going to get them done...I just need to stop goofing around. Busy...the weeks and weekends are busy. When your best friends are also teachers and you all have kids, it just seems like more fun to take them to the park, or swimming, or to music class, than to make them stay home while you clean the house. More fun, and lets be honest, busy kids are happy kids. The saying about how "Idle hands are the devil's tools." was obviously stated by a mother of young children!

Anyways, we have been to the zoo, a carnival, parties, and gatherings, and I have not posted about any of it. So I will just share some pics that are cute and capture some of our adventures:

I'd like to promise to write everyday...but I don't see these boys slowing down anytime soon. Oh well, your only young I guess I just better get a better pair of running shoes!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Piercing Princesses

As the mother of two boys I have not had to ask myself when or if I would get their ears pierced. For me, princes don't need earrings, especially if those princes live in my house. Nearly two years ago when I found out that my sister was having a little girl, and a few months later, that my BFF Jenn was also expecting a bundle of pink, I started thinking of all the girlie things I would do with them. You see the next best thing to having a daughter of your own is having your sisters have daughters, all of the frills, less of the drama :)

One of the things I really wanted to be a part of was getting the girls' ears pierced. My Aunt Micki did it for my sister, who is her goddaughter,(I also got my ears pierced that day because I hopped into the chair right after, and insisted that the lady do mine too) and I wanted to pass along the tradition to the girls. For some reason I thought 1st birthday. Why not, they won't remember the pain if they are little, and so many more years of cute accessories. I asked the Moms, who asked the Dads, and plans were made.

So today I set off with just my girls;

My niece Emma:

And my niece Averie:
Aren't they the sweetest? Seriously these girls are so great to be around, they just adore each other. At one point during our pre-piercing lunch Emma was feeding sweet! (It was also really cute because they matched today, and that was totally accidental!)

We enjoyed a really delicious lunch, and I got a pic of two of my favorite Moms with their girls:

After a relaxing lunch with the girls, we headed over to pick out their earrings. The girls were very anxious to tell us which ones they likes best.
They posed for a pre-piercing pic with me. I wasn't sure they would want to talk to me after...

And then it was piercing time. Averie did really well while they marked her ears, although she was a bit nervous...biting her lip and all!
In five seconds the job was done, and Averie had some more sparkle...a few tears were shed Thanks to her binkie, some stashed snacks by Mom, and a lot of love and cuddles, Averie was fine in less than a minute: Can you see her cute new little studs?
Next up, Emma took the seat, and at first seemed in fine spirits:

But then the ladies tried to mark her ears for positioning, and she freaked. It was a short lived struggle, and after a quick moment of pain, and a few tears the whole ordeal was over:

I'm pretty sure my sister's face here, is like, "Great idea Amy, thank God that's over"

Within a minute, everyone seemed calmed and happy that the girls had a little more glitz in their lives.

My little princesses posed for a post- piercing photo

We even did a little show shopping, and then headed for home.

These girls both proved today, that they might be princesses, but that doesn't mean they can't be superheros too! I was so proud of you all, especially you Mommies! Thank you ladies for letting me spoil you with jewels...I plan on doing it a lot in your future. I am already plotting a kid spa outing when you are old enough. I just love my girls days out, and the two additions that I am lucky enough to call my nieces.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Bye Bye Curls...

When Zach was 13 months old, I took him for his 1st haircut. Looking back, he didn't really need it, I was just so excited to celebrate that 1st with him. This time around I was dreading it. You see Mattie had(note the past tense) the sweetest little curls at the base of his neck. So I procrastinated on cutting them, because well...he's my baby. But this week after I saw my niece Averie wearing a ponytail I realized I could put one in Matt's hair too, and well...I knew it was time.

So off we went to Supercuts...who needs fancy when they are styling a 19 month old? Zach was overdue for a cut too, so he went first to show his little bro how it was done. Matt was pretty content to run around the salon and test out the chairs.

Then it was Matt's turn. After a pep talk from Dad:Matt was ready to sit in the chair(note the appreciation on his face)He was happy to pose with Zach and Daddy before the cut(I love how they are both smiling at the PYT(Prince reference) instead of their Mom...oh well at least my hubby gave me his smile!)Matt told his stylist what he wantedAnd the haircut got underway.

Matt did really well for the most part, largely due to Smartie's I bribed him with throughout the haircut.

In the end the only thing that really changed, is Matt no longer has those curls, or a mullet, depending how you look at it. (For some reason Matt looks like he's balding in the pic below, I think I have a smudge on my lens, his hair is thin, but not that thin in the back)

We decided to treat both of the boys, and ourselves, to some Cold Stone to celebrate the moment!

In the end, my boys look super cute, curls or no curls!

Oh, and speaking of big transitions, Matt is without his pacifier. Its gone for good, and I so pleased the transition has gone relatively smoothly. He really is becoming a big all we need to do is get him potty-trained!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Anyone been wondering where I've been?

I know, I know, at this point most of you have given up on me altogether. That's what happens when you have 6 followers and don't blog for weeks. I choose to be an optimist and believe that a few of you will stop in to see what's up, and maybe leave me a comment so I know you were here.

Busy summer...that's how I'd explain the past few weeks. Schools finished and it me and the boys all day everyday. I am loving being home with them, and enjoying wearing the hat I cherish most, Mom. It is so nice getting to run outside, and enjoy all of the beautiful, but HOT weather we are having.

The fourth was great, we went to Ry and Liv's house, and the boys had a ball bouncing, swimming, and enjoying their first live fireworks. (I have never kept the kids up for fireworks, they just never make it to 10 or 10:30) I am hoping next year Zach will finally be able to hang till the show starts.

Zach and I went to Jack's preschool graduation, and Z was a big boy who sat in his own chair and was captivated by Jack singing on stage. We were all a bit surprised to hear that Jack want to be a football player when he grows up. I asked Z and he said he "wanted to be the Hulk!"

We also celebrated Emma's first birthday, and that party was great. My sis and I made her cake, as per tradition, and it turned out really cute.

I have so many more pics, but I will save them and some stories for another day soon.

Wayne has been really busy with work, but we try to savor as much family time as we can get.

That said, here are some pics from our last weeks: