Friday, February 10, 2012


So bears hibernate all winter. I have been hibernating for 5 weeks. Seriously, I didn't mean to go into blog shutdown, it just sort of happened.

First there was a week in January where Wayne was away on business in Aruba...ahem...yes that meant I was home alone with the boys in the tundra while hubby was working (on his tan) and spending quality time with his clients(getting drunk at the swim up bar). After that, there was some much needed family time, and some exhausting days at work, which lead to early nights huddled on the couch. Then there was the fact that there really wasn't much I had to report on. I had cancelled Matt's andnoidectomy since his tube opened up, and the boys were doing the same old same old. I think there were a few weeks when I didn't pull out the camera even. I had unwittingly gone into cyber-hibernation.

I've spent the last month coming online maybe once or twice a week looking at some of my favorite blogs, but slacking on commenting, and just letting the posting pressure go. It has given me some much needed down time, but I realized I am just not ready to let blogging go altogether. I really love the outlet it provides and the fact that I can look back on our days and know just what I was thinking.

There were a few things I wanted to touch on, like our trip to the Lake House in January, and seeing Zach learning to skate(hysterical), planning Zach's 4th birthday, and some new recipes I've tried and enjoyed lately. So hopefully, my six blog followers, you will come back and share the journey(I suppose I should really start building my blog following) I guess I should start planning a what could I possibly start with? Hum....maybe just maybe, I'll think of something soon!

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